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    problems with Comprehensive Backup

    I set up a Duplicate backup of pictures, movies, music, Office Docs and all other files on Retrospect Express instead of a Comprehensive backup and it ran it. Automatic backup is ON but I don't find where it might let me choose a time and day for automatic backup. If the automatic backup is on, when does it do this? So I went onto E: and deleted the old Comprehensive backup copy and I'll start over fresh. Also, how do I set Retrospect to put the icon down in the lower right? (called Taskbar?)
  2. I have used this OneTouch for years, but I'm not sure what I am doing. I have the MAXTOR drive hooked up and when I hit the button, my pc displays the Retrospect window as it always has. I deleted the files on the MAXTOR and have only left one backup on it. If I click on My Computer, it shows that my C: is 56gb with 28gb free space. And my E: (MAXTOR) is 93.3gb with 84.9gb free space. So lots of room to store backups! If I click Setup > Comprehensive Backup (Recommended) > Next > choose My entire computer > Select the disc to store your backup(choose Local Disk (E:)) > Next > Select the days (choose any day and time) > Finish, it says Cannot save setup, check the selected drive to make sure there is enough free space > OK. It goes back to the Welcome page and shows that the is 1 restore point available. Automatic Backup is Off. If I click Back up Now, a Disk is not available, Cannot start the operation because the disk to which files are being copied is not available. OK Help! Jeff
  3. exitoc

    problems with Comprehensive Backup

    If I hover the mouse over the Retrospect Express HD icon in the task bar, it says: Retrospect Express HD will back up all files on my computer... But if I right click the icon and choose Back up now, a window says Disk is not available. Cannot start the operation because the disk to which files are being copied is not available. Huh? Same thing if I open it up and click Back up now.