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  1. I got the latest BIOS for my system before moving to Windows 7. As I said earlier all was fine when running on XP. The DVD drive was new and I successfully ran a custom configuration on it. I did try changing BIOS options for the drive but that made no difference.
  2. I guess that is good news in a way as I hope when it is supported then this issue will be fixed. I am running fine on Windows 7 apart from this problem. Disk and USB connected DVD writers work.
  3. I have just moved to Windows 7 from XP. I am now getting the same problem (several blobs). Just before upgrading I did a custom configuration for the newly fitted DVD drive I added. The contents of the devicenn.rdi generated under XP is below: ............... [Default] Retrospect=7.6.123 RDU= GenRDU=0.0.000 RDI=0x64 User=0x1 Vendor=HL-DT-ST Product=DVD-RAM GH22LP20 Revision=1.04 ShowType=0x41633036 DriverFlags1=0x70994f02 DriverFlags2=0x3 DriverFlags3=0x883 DriverFlags4=0x0 DriverFlags5=0x0 Date=05/11/2009 Stamp=0xc71891ef Formatter=0x2 Media=0x8 TestResult=0x1 ................. Retrospect and RDU are the same versions. I tried changing the BIOS but it made no difference. Anyway the BIOS settings caused no problems when running under XP. Is there a Windows 7 specific problem?