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    Error -557 ( Transaction Already Complete)

    Thanks for assisting. For now, we are going to try going back to 7.7.325 and see how that works. That's the last release under EMC, and the one that we didn't have any problems with. I called support, and they didn't have that installer available, but I managed to find a copy on one of our servers and that seems to be working so far. Big test will be the weekends tape jobs, and tomorrows scripts.
  2. kpatterson

    Error -557 ( Transaction Already Complete)

    We were running 7.7.341, connected a new tape drive and ran backups and had issues. Retrospect would get to the point where it would do the verification after copying snapshots to tape, and then sit and ask for the tape that was in the slot. We had two copies of Retrospect, both running 7.7.341, connected to a different LTO4 tape library on each, and both servers were doing the same thing. We upgraded to 7.7.533 and our tape problems went away, but then started having the issues listed in this thread. What can we downgrade to? If we down grade to 7.7.341 our tape drives didn't work properly, and the new version causes errors. Also, on downgrading, do you just install the old version over top the new or do you have to remove the old program through add remove programs then install the new? Does this affect your previous settings, scripts, etc?
  3. kpatterson

    Error -808 (key/refnum search failed)

    I just received another assertion error. "Assertion failure at devctrl.cpp-669"
  4. kpatterson

    Error -808 (key/refnum search failed)

    I try doing a catalog repair and it crashes the application. Retrospect just closes, no errors. The log file didn't get updated with an error when it crashed, but I have seen different assertion errors when I have tried to rebuild a catalog in the past.
  5. Trying to transfer snapshots to tape, and it dies with this error. I looked it up in the forums but didn't see any direct answers. I'm running Retrospect Multiserver - version 7.7.235 (64bit) Driver and update version bit)
  6. kpatterson

    Resource not found

    Thanks everyone, I figured rebuilding the catalog would be the fix, but wanted to be sure.
  7. kpatterson

    Resource not found

    My tape backups are failing with a "Trouble Matching (backup set)to (backup set for tape) error -1026 (resource not found error). Problems started when the C drive was getting full and I moved old catalogs to free up some space. The Snapshot to tape backups werent finishing as it couldnt write the catalog file, due to the disk being full. I didnt move the catalog for the tape backup set but both my tape scripts using that backup set fail with the above error. I verified that the catalog file is there, and like I said has never been moved. The backup files are there as well. Im not sure whats going on, any help would be appreciated.