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  1. SEVER #1: Exchange Server 2007 (08.01.0375.002) Windows Server 2008 SBS Edition - SP2 SERVER #2: Retrospect 7.6.123 (Driver Update and Hot Fix: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition - SP2 I purchased the Exchange Server Add-On last month, and have been having trouble getting it to backup the mailboxes. It works just fine backing up the First and Second Storage Groups. I keep getting 'Sorry, authentication failed. Please retry.' when I try to connect to the 'Exchange Mailboxes' volume. I've followed the Exchange 2007 directions provided by Retrospect, but am still receiving the error above and this is output in the log. T-2: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: Creating new MAPI session. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: failure in CreateMsgService, win error = 0x8004010f. T-2: TMapiConnection::TMapiConnection: Unable to use profile, win error 0x8004010f T-2: MbMapError: mapped Exchange Mailbox error 0x8004010f to -1,101 () T-2: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: couldn't intialize mailboxes due to a prior error. I setup everything as directed but I am still seeing that error and the log output. I've also checked Microsoft's page regarding that error, but my GAL appears to be working just fine, the RBU user is listed in the GAL.