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  1. Just wanted to follow up here... We did go get the recommended ATTO scsi card, and it has helped. Where before, re-cataloging would fail in about 5 minutes, now it was able to get through the entire tape (turned out to be >400GB) in about three hours. We still had a problem with Retrospect hanging up after the tape was read, in building the new data file. After 6 hours or so of no activity I still had to force quit Retrospect to get control again. But the ATTO card helped and our system does seem more stable. Luckily I found another copy of our missing catalog file on a nightly backup from the server HD so all is well. Just wanted to say thanks to rhwalker for the sound advice.
  2. Thanks Russ. That seems to make sense with what we are seeing. I'll try and get one in here and we'll try it. I'll let you know how it turns out...
  3. We've had this drive for over a year, but this is the first instance I've had of needing to recatalog something. As I indicated, everything else seems normal, but I've tried recataloging about 5-6 times last week, it hangs, and then the server seems to have lost it's communication with the drive. The only way to get server to "see" the drive again is to re-boot the next morning before everyone else gets in and gets busy. Retrospect = 6.1.230 RDU = I just updated everything last week, including the latest Firmware and Library updates for the Quantum device. Everything's as up to date as can be, AFAIK. LSI scsi card (came with the XServer) No error messages reported. All I see in the log is: "Executing Recatalog at (date)(time) To backup set (setname)" Then the following entry is when I launch Retrospect again No, I haven't. All the entries Diagnostics menu have to do with loading in and out of the Drive, the Picker, the Magazines, Random Moves, etc. and it didn't seem particularly relevant. No, not yet, but perhaps that's a good idea to try. I have attempted re-cataloging this tape probably 5 times, each time gets to a different point before it hangs. I remember getting results of as little as 5GB before the hang, as much as 48 GB, and other like 18GB, 24GB, etc. I know the tape has closer to 200GB total so it isn't getting very far. I also have a companion safety tape, a duplicate and the problem is the same on both tapes. Thanks for your assistance!
  4. Running Retrospect 6.1 on Apple G5 XServer (OSX 10.4.11) Two tape drives: - ADIC Ultrium 2 (everything works fine) and - Quantum Autoloader 3 with Ultrium 3 which works fine on MOST functions, but hangs on trying to recatalog or Update catalog of an existing tape. Have to Force Quit to get out of it. Both tape machines are SCSI connected. Have tried swapping connections to see if it's SCSI card related. I have approx 120 job files stored that I know are on the tape, but until I can successfully recatalog the tape, won't be able to get to. Anyone else share this problem on Quantum Autoloader drives? TIA...