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    Interactive services dialogue detection

    Thanks Robin, this appears to have worked. The error messages have now stopped. I kicked off a restore last night and it seemed to be copying to disk. when I run retrospect it says I have 13 restore points but when clicking next, there are none shown in the place where I would normally see all the past successful restores. I assume this is because it doesnt have the file anymore. Is there any way I can now make the past restores, even the one i did yesterday, appear? Many thanks
  2. Stewart Bisset

    Interactive services dialogue detection

    Ok Robin, I found the "Restore Point" file within the "Retrospect restore points" folder on my backup drive. Interestingly it noted last save time as 6.52 am 7/11/09 which was about the same time as the problem noted on the interactive services dialogue box. It was noted as an rbc file and size was 809,138 kb I used properties and attributes to hide the file. I then rebooted computer. Initially it told me retrospect.exe had stopped running. I restarted the program and after about 10 mins the usual Interactive services dialogue box came up noting problem as the assert.exe file. On the western digital hard drive the restore point file that I hid, appears to have been found by the program and updated with latest save date as this morning, about the same time as the backup crashed. It does not look like I hid the file effectively, as a second file has not been rebuilt. Should I move it off the drive? Many thanks, Stewart Bisset
  3. Stewart Bisset

    Interactive services dialogue detection

    Robin I did remove the entire folder, and the program then asked for license code and to resetup. I kicked off a backup and unfortunately got the same problem. Within the "Interactive services dialogue box" the program or device requesting attention is "assert.exe" within Retrospect Express HD 2.5. I have had to terminate the program but in doing so I notice that it claims it has given me another restore point when in fact nothing was copied to disk
  4. Stewart Bisset

    Interactive services dialogue detection

    Robin, I have copied my license code down in readiness , but within the Program data folders, I cannot find any folder called preferences. The only folder in the RetroExp directory is Rtrexec.dir and it is empty. I also had a look in the Program files area, it has the Retrospect Express 2.5 subdirectory but no folder called preferences. I checked my setup for explorer and I confirmed I am looking at any hidden files. I cant see any file called preferences either, in either program files or program data.
  5. Stewart Bisset

    Interactive services dialogue detection

    Robin, thanks for responding. I am currently running 2.5 version 113. the problem started when I was running 2.0. I downloaded the latest 2.5 hoping it would solve the problem but it has remained the same. thank you
  6. Hi guys, over the last month my Retrospect Express HD has stopped working. The program starts, and my hard drive spins away for ever and then a Windows message pops up "Interactive Services dialogue detection" This tells me that a program cant display a message. More information tells me that the program is "assert.exe" within the Express folder, and it is "because of partial incompatability with Windows - please contact the manufacturer" If I click on the message I just get a white screen. By now the Express DH application says "not responding" and I terminate it. I notice that it has increased the number of backups but this is false as I know these backups do not reflect anything copied to disk. Even though I have terminated the program, these interactive messages continue to pop up and the hard drive spins away. I upgraded from HD 2.0 to 2.5 to see if this would fix the problem but it hasnt, same thing occurs. I cant find any reference to this problem in tech support to date. I am using a WD external hard drive, and Windows Vista home premium Can anyone help me, many thanks Goobi