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    Denied permission to access this folder

    I will have to recheck tonight the actual rights that the user account has, however I'm not sure that it has any rights. Interesting because I can create the folder directly from windows and everything is fine until Retrospect Express backs up to this folder. Then I can't do anything with it. Read, or even delete. I haven't checked yet but is there at least a way to delete folders/files from within Retrospect? Thus far all I have been able to do is completely reformat the harddrive which takes almost 2 hours.
  2. Autumnsboy

    Scheduled Duplicates Don't Copy Files

    I agree. This makes no sense that you can't schedule to duplicate a specific set of files or folders. It makes this software fairly limited.
  3. I just purchased a Iomega 1TB Ego Desktop Hard Drive. After attaching to my 64-bit Vista Home Premium HP computer I installed EMC Retrospect Express for Windows. I am using version 7.6.123 After using the Duplicate function to backup my computer documents to the enternal hard drive everything seemed fine initially. However, after a short period I could no longer access the folder containing the backed up information. I keep getting the following message : "You have been denied permission to access this folder" Every attemp that I have made to give myself permission have been unsuccessful.