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  1. Installed the upgrade to 16.5.1 a couple of days ago. Since then Retrospect has not auto-launched. So I fired it up manually while ago and added the missed executions. The first one started, said "Preparing to execute", and then.... nothing. It never proceeded to "Preparing for Open File Backup" or anything. Didn't crash, just didn't do anything. I restarted it, readded the executions, etc. Same thing. I reverted to 16.1.2 and it's working normally.
  2. mikeforester

    Retrospect 7.7 cannot use LTO drive?

    I've given the 7.7 trial version a shot several times, and always get the same problem. Win7 64-bit, Retrospect Pro x64, rdu, Sony AIT-1 Turbo drive on SCSI (LSI20320IE), also a Dell Power Vault 120T DDS4 (which Retrospect won't let me use). Both tape drives show their names and "Not responding" or "Unknown response." The AIT drive shows as empty, although it has a named backup tape in it. Identical behavior under Win7 7100 and Win7 7600, although the SCSI devices are enumerated differently. Also in 7.7, the reserved USB drives (on a card reader) don't show up in Retrospect at all. Needless to say, all this works fine on 7.6. (Except the autoloader, which wants moar money.)
  3. mikeforester

    Can scripts be transferred?

    On Vista and Win7, the config files are in \Users\All Users\Retrospect, which Microsoft in its infinite wisdom has made totally invisible from the GUI. You cannot see or search the All Users directory using Explorer. Go to a command line; the files are there.
  4. mikeforester

    Unclear as to how to obtain 7.7

    Click in the menu bar above on the link that says Retrospect Updates and scroll down to 7.7. From there you can download both installers (32 and 64-bit) and the driver update. To buy it, click the Upgrade link on www.retrospect.com. You'll need your current product key.
  5. mikeforester

    Retrospect 7.7 Update

    My concern is that the 7.7 64-bit trial version can see but not operate my drives. That, and it emails me for every single action -- startup, shutdown, etc. There's no way to turn off the email because the options are missing in the Preferences dialog. As a trial it's not very impressive.
  6. mikeforester

    Retrospect 7.7 Update

    Okay, I found the separate 64-bit download. It installs. It says my tape drives are "not responding." So I'll have to go back to 7.6 if I actually want, you know, a backup.
  7. mikeforester

    Retrospect 7.7 Update

    Actully, since the Upgrade Wizard shows me a $29 price, and takes me to a store link that says $49, I decided to wait till EMC decides how much the price is. So I downloaded the trial version. It's 32-bit only and won't install at all on Win 7 64-bit.
  8. mikeforester

    Retrospect Launcher not launching on Win7

    I've had no problem running Retrospect in Win 7 64-bit RC. It launches on schedule, too, and I made no changes to UAC. However, scheduled activity is invisible to the user, and the Activity Monitor doesn't work. It displays an empty window with horizontal lines and no text; the power button is orange. Evidently it can't communicate with the Retrospect process at all. In the event of a media change this is fatal.