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  1. How do I delete a single server license? I just bought an upgrade from pro. I want to revert to pro as I did not realize that single server did not include open file backup, which I need. When I attempt to load the Professional license, it won't let me. It says that the pro license does not add any functionality. When I completely uninstall retrospect and reinstall it. The single server license is already there. I just want my old professional back. Thanks, Rob
  2. Kaziii

    Retrospect Launcher not launching on Win7

    Got it to work in windows 7 64 bit thanks to this thread. Go into user account control and slide the slider all the way down. A warning goes into action center that you must reboot to turn off user account control. Re-boot and Retrospect will work again. Turns out that it was still running my scheduled runs. Thanks for the tips.