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    multiple copy scripts

    Hi Tim, i´ll catch the files from different sources and write them to a drive with multiple favorite folders. Regarding your explanation it is blocked because of the same destination drive. ok... But it is no problem using one destination drive with multiple disc-file containers.
  2. Hi, did anybody know the reason why it´s not possible to run copy scripts at the same time ? ( different clients to backupserver )
  3. franklinho

    Client setup is gone

    When it happened first im not sure but now it happened again that ALL Client setup´s are gone. All my clients where set to: disable elements from backup; stop running backups, read only access and these marks are gone again. Also on every client there was just choosen the "Macintosh HD" for backup. Now is every volume marked again.
  4. Hi, done a clean install of latest server and set up some scripts. After viewing the log´s i´m not sure if incremental backup on blocklevel is working. It is not the first run of the script, so a first full backup should be already done. Should´nt be there some entries in the log´s ?!?
  5. Hi it looks like that it always happen when the list of clients doensnt fit in the "add-screen". Tried it at weekend when there´s just a bunch of servers online and everythings works fine. But today i´ve got the same issue. UPDATE Problem found and fixed When OS is configured to always show the scrollbars - Retrospect stucks. Configured to just show when needet - everythings fine.
  6. When trying, the console stucks with beachball and you have to force quit.
  7. Both are updated and it is the console, not the engine. The console is up to 100% doesn´t matter if the engine is idle or not.
  8. Hi, after updating to newest version my console becomes nearly unresponsive. When watching a server the cpu load becomes 100% doesn´t matter which point is selcted on the left side. It only falls down when i´m deselct the server and console shows the main menu ( add server, contact supp. etc ).
  9. There is no ISA with R.9 ! That can´t be a solution for you. I´m working with (beta?)
  10. Delete your ISA-Catalog files on client side, (Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetroISAScans/xxx.dat and xxx.inf) Recycle your set again, and you will get a full backup. Got the same problem here with a bunch of clients. Some work and some not. But did´nt know why...
  11. Hi there, working on version 10 i figured out a problem that file/backup informations are not correctly being refreshed on my backupserver. I´m doing a backup from a fileserver via a "Copy" script. -> copy Fileserver Data-HD to a folder on the backupmashine with option "overwrite entire volume" simple and everything works fine. But after deleting some folders ( with files in it ) on the source volume i was surprised to still find the folders in the backup. Not the files, just empty folders. Even after deleting the whole destination folder by hand and executing the script again, the originally delted folders still appear in the backup! After reading about a time delay with instant scan i´m waiting 24h but problem is still the same..
  12. Hi, using 8.1.622 (german), found that new or saved rules where changed after saving. When setting up: folder / name / contains = System/private/var after saving it was changed to: file / name / contains = System/private/var This also happens when duplicating existing rules.