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  1. Thanks, this cured the problem. Even after emptying the TEMP files, I had to unzip the Retrospect files to an empty folder, then install from there. But it did work, thanks again. Craig
  2. When I try to download and install the update for Retrospect 7.5, I seem to get something called Power DVD. The file is ru7511100.exe, but when I click on it an Installation Wizard for Power DVD appears, so naturally I abort the install. The same error occurs when I try to update from within Retropect itself. What is going on? How can I update from to the newest version? Craig Miller
  3. Craig

    Retrospect Update is something else

    Thanks, I cleaned out my temp directory, using the %temp% command to find the directory, then deleted the files in it, including a Retrospect file. But when I tried to upgrade from within Retrospect. it offered, but after downloading the Cyber DVD install opened, so I canceled the install. I have also used Search to find and remove any instances of Ru759... files, but still get the same Cyber install. So for now I guess I'll stay with Retrospect Professional 7.5.324, Driver Update and Hotfix, maybe the next update will work. Craig
  4. When I checked for updates from within Retrospect 7.5.324, (Hotfix it stated that an update was available, But when I told Retrospect to install this, first it downloaded and unzipped files. But then the Install asked for permission to install something called CyberLink PowerDVD XP? I did not recognize this as anything to do with Retrospect, so I denied permission to install. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Previously I have had not had any problems updating from within Retrospect. Craig
  5. I downloaded the latest update for the Windows 7.5 version (Windows driver update version, but it seems to want to install a new program named PowerDVD. I didn't let it. What is going on? Craig Miller