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  1. Thanks for the English link. I was able to connect my MacBookPro with the MacMini. On the MacMini I have access to the MacBookPro HD... but no where can I see access to the optical drive. I put a disk in the MacBook Pro optical drive that has files on it and the icon for the disk does not show up anywhere. In Retrospect on the MacMini the MacBook Pro optical drive does not show up in Devices. In the instructions you sent, at the bottom it says: If you can't use a shared disc If your Mac already has a built-in optical drive, or an external optical drive connected, you won't see the Remote Disc feature appear in the Finder or other apps. Does this mean I can't share the MacBook Pro optical disk with the MacMini because it has it's own optical drive? Really appreciate your help.
  2. Sorry but I don't read Sweedish. Do you have an English link?
  3. I have an older MacBook Pro with an optical drive. I connected both MacBook Pro and MacMini via firewire cable. I started the MacBook Pro in Target Disk mode... got the Firewire logo moving around on the MacBook screen and the MacBook hard drive icon on MacMini screen. Went to the MacMini and started Retrospect > Immediate > Restore > Search Files and Folders > picked my BackUp and Destination > picked the files I wanted to download. Only the MacMini optical disk shows up in the Retrospect dialog box. In Retrospect I went to Configure > Devices... and only the MacMini optical drive is showing up. Is there a step I missed? How do I get Retrospect on the MacMini to see the optical drive in the MacBook Pro? Thanks for your help, Doug
  4. Ordered cleaner and discs...I'll see how its goes. Thanks again for you help. Doug
  5. I'm not sure it's the discs because up to a couple of weeks ago I was able to get data off the old CDs and the DVDs with Retrospect on an old G4 laptop that has recently died. I just tried using Retrospect to to back a couple random files. I was able to back up and restore with no problem to a DVD. I was originally trying to restore from CD-Rs that were created in 2001 (Backup set 1)with no luck. I had a backup set of Backup set 1 (Backup set 2) and it also would not work. I just tried an more recent backup set from 2002 (Back up set 3) and it works fine... as I moved through my backup sets no other discs worked all the way up to my most recent. I don't see how all the discs could have failed at once. I'm tempted to buy a new optical drive. Any suggestions? Will most work with an old MacMini? I checked out Amazon and got confused with all the choices. Thanks for your help. Doug
  6. David, With further research it looks like the drive that is in the MacMini is listed as: MATSHITA... the Driver is Panasonic CR-RW (5.10) In the Retrospect Compatibility Table MATSHITA is not listed but under Panasonic>ATAPI>CD-RW there is a listing for: Matsushita LF-D233A which says there is No Support. So I will do what you suggested: If the drive isn't in the Compatibility Table but is compatible with the types of CD-Rs and DVDs you want it to read, you need to read "Configuring CD/DVD Drives" on pages 33-35 of the Retrospect Mac 6 User's Guide, and do what it says. I'll give it a go and let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Doug
  7. David, Thanks for responding to my question. I will do my best to answer your questions. • I started out backing up to CD-Rs and then moved on to DVDs once they came on the market. The machine I used was a Mac G3 tower (blue) and then continued on a Mac G5 tower (silver) which was running Tiger when it died. • I used the drive that came in the machines. Don't know who built them but they came from Apple with the machines. • The Mac Mini I have is: Model Number: A1103, Model Identifier: PowerMac 10,1 > PowerPC G4 (1.4) > 1.25 GHz • I'm trying to use the internal drive that came with the Mac mini. Retrospect identifies the drive as: Panasonic CD-RW, ATAPI-A:0:0.; In the Retrospect Compatibility Table it looks like all the Panasonic drives that are listed as Apple Version are Qualified. I can't find anywhere including System Profiler the model of the drive. • The drive in the Mac mini reads other, non Retrospect, discs CD-RW ands DVDs. Thanks for the lesson in Media Access Control. The only reason I used MAChine is to say that the machine that died was a MACintosh. I've been using Macintoshes exclusively since they first came out. I really appreciate the help. Doug
  8. Also want to mention that the original discs were created on another MAChine that is dead. I bought the Mac mini so I could run Retrospect 6. Thanks...
  9. I'm trying to restore some old files on CD-Rs and DVDs. I go to> Restore > Search files and folders>click on the back up set I want>choose Destination>pick the files I want to restore> Retrospect tells me which disc to insert into drive and it shows my drive has "No Media"> I insert the prober disc>Loading>Ready>Incompatible I've done this with 3 or 4 back-up sets and discs and get the same results. Any ideas on how to get the files I need off my discs? Thanks...