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    mailbox backup

    "Has anyone see this behaviour..? Any succes stories about the exchange addon within Retrospect would be helpfull. We do have a lot of trouble ...! " There are no success stories. Do yourself a favor and return the faulty Retrospect software, then invest in something that works.
  2. cwelectric

    Exchange Mailbox Backup - Fail.

    I have seen posts on these forums dating back to January of this year, identifying the same bug. I have also seen posts from admins, or folks who work at EMC, stating this is a known bug. I'm not quite sure how exactly it's acceptable for EMC to release software that flat out doesn't do what it's advertised to do, then be aware of the issue and simply leave it in the software. So the short of it is to spend the money on EMC's Exchange backup solution, then simply wait until they eventually get around to fixing the software so it actually works?
  3. cwelectric

    mailbox backup

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that require a client license?
  4. I mean, seriously? This should be a non issue.
  5. cwelectric

    mailbox backup

    I don't mind workarounds, but manually backing up mailboxes every day isn't acceptable. I'm going to try and call tech support today, but I imagine it's going to get me nowhere. Just throwing more money at an issue that should have been fixed before the software was even made available.
  6. cwelectric

    Exchange Mailbox Backup - Fail.

    Basically, any mailbox backup that I create a script for will not complete beyond the first backup. I have tried selecting the entire Mailbox group, all individual mailboxes, just a handful of the mailboxes. I have tried creating multiple scripts with one mailbox per script. The ONLY way I can get the mailboxes to backup is to do a manual backup, with no script created. The error is something like "There is nothing to backup." It's a very common error that I've seen reported here over and over again. Retrospect is installed on Exchange, as well as the add-in. I can see and interact with all mailboxes properly. The only issue I'm having is actually backing them up.
  7. I realize the inability to backup multiple Exchange mailboxes is a known bug, but is there a workaround or any indication of when a fix will be released? I have tried setting up scripts for both normal and Proactive backups on the mailboxes, and just like other users have experienced, the first mailbox backs up properly while consecutive mailboxes will not backup.
  8. cwelectric

    mailbox backup

    I recently ran into this problem myself. Any idea when it will be resolved? Paying upwards of $1,000 for a product that doesn't work properly isn't exactly what I would consider "good for business", especially when the product is advertised as a complete backup solution for Exchange Server 2007.