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  1. I figured this site would provide me with a bootable DR disk for restoring Windows systems that I backup to my Mac Retrospect server: Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD When my license code failed, I assumed it was related to the switch from EMC to Sonic (which had just occurred when I first tried). Several calls to support and customer service ultimately yielded the reason - The Mac version of Retrospect doesn't include the rights to use the DR images!!! So, first let me bemoan that oversight. Just because I run Retrospect on a Mac does that mean I wouldn't enjoy the ability to boot from the official DR media? I DO backup Windows machines too! Now that I'm done whining... Can anyone share their successful 'home built' strategy for creating bootable DR media for Windows client restores? I can think of a variety of tactics, but would rather ride on the coat tails of someone else's proven success. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Thanks Leopod. Definitely a shame that it's not documented. If the phone support folks knew of this, it would have saved me a bunch of time. Now I have to either spend $499 for Snow Leopard Server, or reconfigure everything from scratch (and hope I don't need to change any member allocations), or wait for the next Retrospect update (and hope it resolves the problem). I hate to be a whiner, but I'm really agitated to think this is a bug vs. a self-induced problem that's consumed several hours of troubleshooting. Blech.
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    Retro8 Log Analyser

    Wow. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Same thing happened here. I'm now rebuilding the whole setup from scratch on a new server. When I see a cryptic 'an error occurred' on a simple function, it makes me a little antsy about the more important stuff. For my rebuild, I'm going to tell all the members to use the maximum available space of the RAID and build grooming schedules to keep it from filling.
  5. lylehm

    Still In Business?

    Awesome. Thanks Robin. Looking forward to everyone getting situated there and up to 100%. The Twitter feed has an intriguing preview of the new Retro client. Looks to be the first major facelift in ages.
  6. lylehm

    Retrospect 8 Users Guide

    Well, heck. Don't waste time answering me! Get back to that manual! :-) Really though, thanks for that ridiculously fast reply.
  7. lylehm

    Retrospect 8 Users Guide

    I'm not sure if this is a dead horse. If it is, sorry for beating it. I could use a little light reading over the weekend. Is there a Retro 8 Mac Guide as yet? My KB searches aren't getting me the content I'd like. Such as, "how to backup and restore an entire Windows (insert variation here) Server." Some best practices would be nice too. Apologies if all this it out there already and my impatience is keeping me from finding it. Thanks!