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  1. I recently installed Retrospect 6 on my Powerbook G3, and created a new backup set with this application. After a couple of backups, the log started to report the following type of error message Can't add to backup set Daily Backup: The catalog is locked. But then the backup seems to proceed normally (i.e., files are being backed up). Is this error message something to be concerned about? I got a similar error when recovering a recently-deleted file. After the restore, as I was quitting, I got this message Can't save catalog, error -45 (file locked). I tried to verify the catalog, but kept getting the same error. Quitting, logging out, and then verifying was ok. Again, is this something to be concerned about?
  2. I believe I have found a workaround, which I am posting for the benefit of anybody else who is experiencing the same difficulties. In my case, the lock error only occurs when Retrospect autolaunches at startup time. So if I start up the machine, and I know that Retrospect will autolaunch in the next minute (either because it missed an earlier backup deadline, or because the backup deadline is just about to occur), I don't log in until Retrospect is launched. That way, I seem to be able to avoid the lock error.
  3. Quote: Two further pieces of information from your puzzle: 1) Did you install Retrospect in two different languages? Or run an updater for one language over the install of a different language? No, I have only one version of Retrospect installed. The two red cubes appear side by side in the dock only when I boot my Powerbook after or at the time that Retrospect is supposed to autolaunch. It seems as if all the disk activity confuses Retrospect. I used "Find in Findere" - the two cubes are linked to the same file Quote: 2) The tricky part is how you got two to launch. I wonder if you have more than one copy of the background launcher. Try pasting this into Terminal and posting the results. ps -auxwww | grep Retro This is what I get (when I manage to open the Terminal window fast enough): root 393 33.1 3.4 98804 8892 ?? U 6:03PM 0:08.38 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Support/LaunchCFMApp /Applications/Retrospect 6.0/Retrospect/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect root 377 13.3 4.1 71244 10668 ?? S 6:03PM 0:07.09 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Support/LaunchCFMApp /Applications/Retrospect 6.0/Retrospect/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect mhl 434 0.0 0.0 18644 100 std R+ 6:04PM 0:00.00 grep Retro
  4. Quote: It's possible that " When the second red cube appears in the dock" actually means "when the red cube appears the second time. " Retrospect's authentication method has a dock icon appear, then disappear, then appear again. We'll need clarification... Dave Normally, the red cube appears in the dock, then disappears for authentication, and then reappears. But sometimes, the red cube appears and then a second red cube appears. I have only one version of Retrospect installed (directly from CD; no patches)
  5. I think I can get this lock error to occur consistently now. (1) Start a lot of disk activity _just_ before Retrospect autolaunches (e.g., boot up the computer and log in just after the autolaunch deadline) (2) When Retrospect starts, keep opening apps (3) When the second red cube appears in the dock, it stays stuck for a while, due to all the disk activity; if it stays stuck there long enough, I get a catalog lock error I hope somebody is still reading this...
  6. Quote: Have you ever done an Archive install with the OS on this machine? No, I actually did a super clean install (0) backed up my documents (1) erased the existing OS X partition (2) installed Panther from CD (3) installed extra applications (e.g., Retrospect) I did not copy over any preferences at all; only my documents
  7. Sorry for yet another post; I am in debug mode, and it is very, very hard for me to quit when I am in this mode. Here is another (earlier) instance of a catalog lock error that may help a bit more. Looks like two instances or threads of Retrospect start up at the same time, one acquires a lock (the one using the European date and 24h clock), and another one (the one using the US date and AM/PM clock) fails to acquire a lock. Hence one quits, and the other does the backup as expected. === ? Retrospect version 6.0.178 automatically launched at 2/23/2004 1:15 PM ? Retrospect version 6.0.178 automatically launched at 23/2/2004 13:15 + Normal backup using EasyScript Backup at 23/2/2004 13:16 To backup set Daily… - 23/2/2004 13:16:11: Copying mhl on System X… + Normal backup using EasyScript Backup at 2/23/2004 1:16 PM Can't add to backup set Daily: The catalog is locked. 2/23/2004 1:16:15 PM: Execution incomplete. Quit at 2/23/2004 1:16 PM 23/2/2004 13:20:21: Comparing mhl on System X… 23/2/2004 13:20:53: Execution completed successfully. Completed: 1221 files, 25.1 MB, with 0% compression Performance: 32.3 MB/minute (24.6 copy, 46.9 compare) Duration: 00:04:42 (00:03:09 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 23/2/2004 13:20 ===
  8. I have conducted a couple more tests. (1) I changed the launch date of my "Daily Backup" script to a date in the past, to cause an immediate backup. After saving the changes, the script indeed backed up my files as expected. Note that I did not quit Retrospect between the script time change and the launch of "Daily Backup" (2) Changed the launch date of the script again, but this time I quit, to see if the problem was associated with autolaunch. However, the "Daily Backup" script did launch (about 7 or so seconds late, but I don't think that is a problem), backed up the few files that had changed in the meantime, and quit again. (3) Repeated (2) again; worked again After every test, I did a ls -lo, but there was no change to the result I posted earlier. The date reversal (1/3 -> 3/1) did also not take place.
  9. Quote: AmyJ said: Was this log entry edited at all? The "Quit" followed by the "Can't read file" error seems very inconsistent with how Retrospect logs executions. If any editing was done please post entire entry for that execution. And I agree that the date/time stamp issue is odd. Thanks! I just verified the log entry. The "Quit" is indeed immediately followed by a "Can't read file" error. If it is of any help, I can e-mail you a screenshot or e-mail you the log file directly.
  10. Quote: CallMeDave said: The log entries below are copied and pasted directly? That is the strangest thing I've ever seen; Retrospect launching twice in a row without quitting, quitting and then logging errors without launching agian, transposing the date, etc. Can you do Immediate backups to "Daily Backup"? Dave The log file is the result of a copy and paste operation. If it is of any help, I can e-mail you a screenshot or e-mail you the log file directly. I can do immediate backups of "Daily Backup" (using the "Backup" button), as well as run the "Daily Backup" script immediately (using the "Run" button) without problems.
  11. Quote: CallMeDave said: But Apple produced more then one G3 based PowerBook; which one do you have? I don't know if the Retrospect CD uses Jaguar as the underlying system... You can find out; boot up from the HD, insert the CD, and visit the Startup Disk preference pane. You'll see the CD listed there, along with the version of OS X that it contains. Dave The first (and only, I believe) Firewire G3 400MHz Powerbook (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=43126) Following your preference pane tip: The Retrospect CD I have is using 10.3.2.
  12. I just upgraded to Retrospect 6. I wanted to test the functionality of this new version, so I booted off the CD and started to duplicate my OS X partition to a firewire drive. First time through, Retrospect scanned the system partition and the clone partition. Before copying to the firewire drive, however, the system started to thrash to the point where I had to reboot the machine. Second time through, I got just as far, but this time, the system froze (mouse wouldn't move, etc.) I am able to successfully clone my OS 9 partition to the firewire drive when booted off the CD I had no such problems under Retrospect 5 (mind you, I didn't boot off the CD). Any ideas?
  13. Quote: CallMeDave said: There have been some reports of this behavior, but no poster has so far been willing (or able) to provide enough information to understand it fully. You can try, by posting complete information, system, software, hardware, exact steps you're taking before and after you get the error, etc. Dave *** Exact steps: The lock error has now occurred three times. In all cases: (1) Retrospect 6 launched automatically at 4pm, based on a script I created with Retrospect 6 Easyscript (2) I was logged into the account mhl, which was being backed up (3) After the lock error, Retrospect 6 started to scan for differences, and apparently backed up the files changed since the last backup (Monday-Friday) Here is what the log file says: === ? Retrospect version 6.0.178 automatically launched at 3/1/2004 4:51 PM ? Retrospect version 6.0.178 automatically launched at 1/3/2004 16:52 + Normal backup using EasyScript Backup at 1/3/2004 16:52 To backup set Daily Backup… - 1/3/2004 16:52:22: Copying mhl on System X… + Normal backup using EasyScript Backup at 3/1/2004 4:52 PM Can't add to backup set Daily Backup: The catalog is locked. 3/1/2004 4:52:26 PM: Execution incomplete. Quit at 3/1/2004 4:52 PM Can't read file “292722AE76EFE97847D95E2690C7B5”, error -43 (file/folder not found), path: “mhl/Documents/AppleWorks User Data/AutoSave/292722AE76EFE97847D95E2690C7B5”. 1/3/2004 17:01:20: Comparing mhl on System X… 1/3/2004 17:01:56: 1 execution errors. Completed: 1151 files, 34.1 MB, with 0% compression Performance: 36.4 MB/minute (26.8 copy, 56.7 compare) Duration: 00:09:34 (00:07:42 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 1/3/2004 17:02 === The date reversal is somewhat odd (1/3/2004 and 3/1/2004). In regards to the locked file, this is the result of my ls -lo: -rw-rw---- 1 mhl admin - 521120768 27 Feb 20:38 Daily Backup -rw-rw---- 1 mhl admin - 18385788 27 Feb 20:39 Daily Backup.cat User mhl does not belong to the admin group, though. Belongs to staff. Retrospect nonetheless added group admin *** Hardware/Software Mac OS X 10.3.2 400 MHz PowerPC G3 256 MB RAM About 7G of spare RAM left on the target partition Retrospect 6.0.178 I am backing up all files in /Users/mhl, except for those in Pictures. The files are then stored in a file in /Users/Shared on the same partition Hope this gives you a starting point
  14. Quote: CallMeDave said: What flavor of Macintosh are you using? To add to my previous reply, I should mention that I am running Panther on my G3 Powerbook. I don't know if the Retrospect CD uses Jaguar as the underlying system, and if so, if that might be an issue with my setup (I upgraded straight from System 10.1 to 10.3, so I never dealt with Jaguar).
  15. > What flavor of Macintosh are you using? I am using a PowerBook G3 (400MHz, DVD, Firewire, 256M RAM). I should add that I don't have any trouble with duplicating my OS X partition under Retrospect 6 as long as I don't boot from CD.