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    Product Features and Upgrades

    I entirely agree. I have a Linux box as a firewall, and I'd like to back it up, but paying for the Multi server is ridiculous just for that. Unix might have been considered only a server system at one time, but no longer. I guess for now I'll have to continue using dump to my PC's file system. Sigh ....
  2. xev

    Works now with Linux file systems?

    Where do you get the clients for Linux. I upgraded from a previous version, so I don't have a CD. Dantz finally has the clients on the updates page, but just the Windows and Mac client. Where can I get the Linux client from?
  3. xev

    Client software

    Since the website was reorged, I cannot seem to find the link to download client software. I upgraded from a previous version and therefore don't have the CD with the software. Any tips?
  4. I purchased clients to back up my Mac OS X system, only to discover that I could not. Will refunds be provided based on your deceptive advertisement?
  5. Well, that workaround is pretty lame. Yeah, it works, but shouldn't it support actually writing to multiple discs?
  6. This is Windows XP. The device is PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-104 Revision 1.10
  7. I have Retrospect Desktop 5.6 with a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-102. When I use DVD-R or DVD-RW media, I can usually do a backup through the first piece of media, but any change leaves me with a "Please Wait" message forever, and if I kill the program, the media is corrupted. This means all my backups must fit on one DVD. Has anyone seen this problem, and can suggest a workaround? So far my experiences with Retrospect have been uniformly negative.