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    Samba and SCO Unix

    Yeah, there are definately easy ways around it (Xcopy, etc.) but Retrospect would be the most simplest. So, I guess I struck out. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but I'll ask it anyway. I have a Samba share on a SCO 6.5 (I think~ not the latest, but the one before) Unix. Does Retrospect client support SCO Unix? I saw Red Hat Linux and Solaris, no SCO. Does it support it or is there other things I must know. Eric P.S. I'm a Unix beginner.
  3. linux-ML-33040-ML- Moved to the Linux section
  4. Apparently over the weekend, Windows updated automatically updated the Windows 2000 Server that Retrospect 6.5 Multi-Server was running on. As a result, Retrospect lost it's activation key (I had to reenter it), all its scripts, and clients. I'm rebuilding all the backup sets as I write this, but what's the cause of this? Also, where does Retrospect store its script files so in the future I might be able to just back them up. Otherwise, there's nothing on the server I want/need. Thanks in advance, Eric
  5. First of all, thanks for the reply. How would I go about getting Retrospect to start using these files again? Thanks, Eric
  6. So about once every two weeks I'll get a bunch of clients fail with this error message "Backup Client Resevered" and of course everything stops. I realize the temporary fix to this issue is to just restart both clients, however, each client I backup is a server. I can not shut them down easily at all. What can I do to fix this issue so it does not happen or how do I fix it without restarting both servers? Thanks in advance for any help, Eric
  7. I am using Retrospect 6.5 Multi-Server and it has the email notification inside the preferences area. I have got it working and it sends emails (if media is needed) but that is the only thing it sends for. How do I get this to send log files, successful, failed, backups etc. I could not find it anywhere and the help mentions the batch file. Well, I'd rather not use that if this email thing inside Retrospect is easier and simpler to use. What am I missing?
  8. That doesn't make sense to me. I can understand how the batch script is more flexible, but I do not understand why the internal Retrospect one was not designed to be as flexible. Why have the two? A simple option to include the log would suffice. Confused, but thanks for the help and reply, Eric
  9. Dowfen

    Testing email notification

    Thanks, that helped me fix it. Eric
  10. Hi, I just have a quick question regarding the email notification feature. I havn't got it working yet (although it seems like it should be really, really, really simple....) Is there anyway I can be sure to test. I just don't know what generates an email notifcation (i.e. starting a script, does the script have to finish, an error, etc. etc.). In other words, what's the easiest way to test it? Thanks in advance, Eric
  11. Dowfen

    not licensed?

    Great that worked, thanks. However, I'm confused in that I purchased a Multi-Server version of Retrospect with the add-ons included, yet I'm only allowed one SQL Server... What if i happened to be backing up 10 web servers? Does that not fall under the "Multi-Server" name. Thanks in advance for any help EDIT: I just thought of something, this is probably covered in the manual like the previous answer. Sorry for asking dumb questions. Eric
  12. So, I just purchased Retrospect 6.5 Value Package that is suppposed to have all the add-on packages and am in the process of setting it all up. For the first of many questions (I'm sure), when setting up the clients and I go in to select their volumes it says on things like SQL Server and Exchange Server volumes "(not licensed)". What does that mean? I registered this product and all of our servers software is all legal and valid and registered, etc. etc. but what's the deal? It's very annoying. Thanks in advance for any help, Eric
  13. Dowfen

    Archived Backups?

    Yup, that's what I thought, Powermeck. Thanks for confirming it for me! Eric
  14. Hi, this is a quick question, hopefully it can be answered quickly. The question is: If I create a backup set and backup files to this set and then I want to archive it what happens if something happens to the backup computer and loses the backup set file that is stored on the backup server? Can Retrospect rebuild the file if that was gone and I wanted to restore data from this backup tape a year or two down the line? Thanks in advance, Eric
  15. Amy, Thanks for replying. I've checked and rechecked all that information. I've been able to send an email, using DOS and that mailsndr program, so I'm guess that my mail server doesn't require authentication. Any ideas? Thanks, Eric
  16. I've posted this question many a times on this forum, but having still not solved it I'll post and post again. I'm running Retrospect Server on my Network. I'm trying to get the Email script to work, but have not been able to do so. I'm simply running Microsoft Exchange server, and I can not, for the life of me, get it to communicate with the Retrospect script. I've typed in all the combinations possible in the batch file, I've even been able to use the mailsndr program to send a mail minus the origional batch file. However, I've never gotten it to send an email notification by itself. I've spent money on Dantz technical support for help to no avail. There must be somebody running Retrospect Server and trying to get it to talk with an Exchange Server. Or am I the only one that uses Microsoft Exchange anymore? All I'm trying to do is get the Email Script to talk to Exchange Server and have it send mails. Thanks for any help in advance, Eric Berglund
  17. Hi Everyone, I work as the Backup Administrator for my company and I am using Retrospect Server Edition. I would like some help and input with my current situation. I'll explain the problem. We have about 30 client computers and 5 servers all backed up with a Dell DLT drive using Retrospect Server. The DLT holds 80GB. The script I am using is a Rotating Backup Script. It backs up to Backup Set A one week and the next it switches to Backup Set B. (We only back up documents and changes made to the documents; we do not just backup everything everynight.) This method of backing up gives us two complete backup sets. However, the DLT tapes fill up very quickly. Within a month or two we have used 6 DLT tapes to their capacity. (There is no one computer or server that just takes up all this space, but the amount of computers we have use the space) DLT tapes are expensive; $60-100 a pop and due to the current economic climate, we are trying to save money. How can I increase the life of my rotating backup script without buying many more tapes? We have a total of 6 DLT tapes right now, and it's not that we can't afford to buy more, I'm just trying to find a way to maximize the life of a Rotating Backup while minimizing the cost of DLT tapes. We want to keep with the Rotating Script for the reliability and we do not want to switch to DAT tapes as we used those before and did not like their perfermance. We have invested a lot of money in the switch to DLT tapes and we like the speed and reliability a lot, but I'm hoping that someone will have an idea that will help me out. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, Eric Berglund