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  1. I have version 2.5.113 running on Vista 64-bit. The software will backup fine until the backup drive get's close to full. Then instead of cleaning up or deleting old restore points, I just get an error message - not enough space. The documentation indicates it will remove older restore points as necessary when space it needed. I've manually deleted restore points since the software doesn't seem to do it. Most of the time, this doesn't appear to reclaim any space and sometimes I have see the same restore point listed that I just deleted. I've tried to delete the RBC file and rebuild the catalog, then repeat. I've also deleted the restorepoint folder and started over. Same result. I like the ability to have multiple restore points for retrieving items that might not be on the lastest backup. But with this problem I can't get more than one or two restore points before getting the space error. Any ideas?
  2. I'm running Restrospect Express HD 2.5 on Vista 64-bit. The documentation says it will delete old restore points when the disk is full. My install doesn't seem to work ... why? What can I do to make this work? The log doesn't give any indications other than the backup was incomplete. I have to manually delete restore points to get things to work properly. Backup software should not require manual intervention like this (especially when documentation says this is a feature)