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  1. I am getting a error when I am trying to restore a backup from my backup set "Restore Entire Volume Option is selected" When retrospect is scanning the volume to be restored I get" (malformed name) -error 1013 I read up on this error and found no helpful solutions. I even tried "allowed executions with errors" check in the preferences section. I am trying to restore Windows Server 2003 from my backupset which is just a full backup of C: drive. I checked Eventveiwer and found no errors with Volume Shadow Copy either... I have ran chkdsk and Scan disk too. Any ideas would be helpful. BTW I am using Retrospect 6.0.206 -thanks
  2. Hello, I can not back up my SQL Databaes with Retrospect. I have the license for the Openfile Backup Add On. I can't find any helpful documentation about backing up SQL Server(s) with Retrospect 6.0. Any posting or links would be helpful. -jsncs