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  1. Yeah. Crazy. Because 6.1 was the LAST VERSION BEFORE THIS ONE. Not a 2 year old version.
  2. I would say that version 8 is pretty new, so I'm looking to restore sound files from a film that I did just last year and backed up with v6-hardly going back into the distant past. That is what this software means for me-I can't keep all this data on my drives for sheer size sake (although this is changing,prices being what they are)and must back them up and delete them from the drive. I have been making dual retrospect backups to two sets of DVD backups, in case one got damaged. I foolishly assumed that would be safe. I think my new policy is going to be dual drives that hold everything, and purchase new drives when those fill up.
  3. That's a fair summary. It's not as if I was using a 5 year old version of a piece of software and demanded the new version be perfectly compatible. I have had many experiences with these sorts of issues, and upgrading solves the problem. I don't mind doing that. But this...it's literally incomprehensible. I always talked up Retrospect to my colleagues ( I work as a sound editor for film) but can do so no longer.
  4. You have a more reasonable attitude, which I respect. But I think a company that makes a product which has one valuable attribute-reliability-must not damage their reputation for the delivery of that attribute. But they have done so, and unretrievably. Backward compatibility for a backup software is a must. Does that even have to be said? And to not support the stock drives on new Macintosh computers is laughable.
  5. I appreciate your help. I most certainly, and before I posted, checked the supported drive list, and found nothing there for my drives. Since further research indicates issues with verison 8 reading version 6 storage sets, it wouldn't help to upgrade, would it? What on earth is a user to do, if the ol version will not run and the new version won't read older backups? I have a hard time understanding a company that works this way. I can't imagine spending more money on upgrades if I am going to be let down once again in the future. I will keep my old laptop around for the forseeable future, and look for another backup method.
  6. Can it be true that both of my new macs have drives that are not supported by v6.1? How can this be? I hope I'm wrong, but I have diligently poked through the website, installed the updates, and still cannot get the drive on my laptop OR dektop (both HL-DT-xxxx) to be recognized? What is there to do?