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    BSOD- Bad Pool Header

    Still need some amswers help. Have noticed on the web other complaints of BSOD with "Full retrospect windows. Uninstalled and installed HD STILL BSOD Now get IRQL_not_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0X0000000A (0X0078009A, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x80606E6A16
  2. dr30105

    BSOD- Bad Pool Header

    Un-installed and reinstalled. No, effect, same problem BSOD
  3. Let me clarify I note din my post I am using Retrospect Express updated to 2.5 (not 7.5 typing error)
  4. This was a first time attempt at backup. There was no prior Retrospect catalog. It saw the drive as I was able to select it on the set up. As son as I clicked "backup now" then immediately BSOD occured
  5. dr30105

    BSOD- Bad Pool Header

    Just Bought loaded/upgraded to Express HD 2.5 and got BSOB on launching. Error Message Bad_Pool_Header Stop: 0x00000019 (0x00000020,0xE54CE878, 0xE54CE898, 0x0C040401) Any suggestions how to fix Running Windows XP Pro SP3