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  1. I have several scripts set up for doing "Transfer Backup Set". In every case, automatic grooming always fails with "error -2249 (could not find session). Rebuilding the catalog file does not fix the problem. The next auto-groom fails with the same error. I can, however, do a manual groom on those backup sets from the backup set dialog. Any ideas on what the problem is?
  2. tbrown25

    Multiple error -1101 & -1102

    It does not appear consistent. Each time I try a backup, I get a different set of files. They are not located in the same directories. I did run a check disk and found several errors. I did more thorugh check disk until it came out clean, but I am still getting the errors. I am starting to beleive my hard drive is going south on me...
  3. tbrown25

    Multiple error -1101 & -1102

    After many years of trouble free operations, I have suddenly started getting multiple 1101 and 1102 errors whenever I attempt to backup the C: drive on the local machine. Retrospect will backup remote computers without problems, but when attempting to backup the computer it is running on, it will operater for a few minutes and then suddenly generate a series of errors. I am at a loss on this. The file not found errors generally start with the file it is currently working on. The drive and files appear to be readable. I am using profesional version 7.0.326 with driver update It is on a WINDOWS XP system. I am doing the backup to a locally attached external hard drive. (Disk baskup set). If anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.