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  1. I'm running Retrospect 10.5 using OS 10.8.5. I backup regularly using two hard disk media sets. Today, for the fourth time in 3 days, I tried to restore an application from a backup. The restored app had a generic icon, and when opened, it displayed 3 error messages. The restored app had to be force quit. I no longer have confidence in Retrospect. If a single application cannot be restored, what will happen if there is a need for a complete restoration of the hard drive? At this point, I am going to delete all Retrospect files and use only clones for backup. It's the end of an era.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm backing up my desktop computer to a single external disk partition. Just one media set. Maybe I'll try grooming. Adding a second external disk would certainly help. I don't remember where I read this, but I was under the impression that the Retrospect database (snapshots, etc.) got very complex after 10 back-ups, and was prone to problems. I guess that is not true.
  3. I've searched the manual and this forum, but I couldn't locate the answer. Is there a recommended maximum number of back-ups to a media set before recycling the set?
  4. When I try to restore from a backup, as soon as I click "Preview" there is a long delay which always ends in the "spinning beach ball". The only thing I can do is force quit Retrospect. I tried this on a backup that contained only 66 files. I'm running 10.8.2 on a Mac Pro; Retrospect 10.0.1 (Retrospect update says this is the latest version). If I can't restore from a backup, the utility of Retrospect is zero. Any suggestions?
  5. - Is the recycled media set a Tape, File or Disk? External disk. - Do you mean a File or Disk media set (residing on external hard drive) still "beach ball" when you try preview on restore? Yes. The Retrospect media set is on an external hard drive. I use two external hard drives for two media sets. - In Media Sets > select that media set on external drive > Verify, does Verify complete successfully? Yes. - What version of Retrospect was used to create/backup to that media set on external drive? 10.0 - Among the 2 recent backups (first one with 24 GB and second with 106 files), is Thorough Verification or Media Verification selected? Thorough verification is on. FYI- Mac Pro 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors; 6 GB RAM Like This Quote MultiQuote
  6. Well, I appreciate your response. I recycled the media set and did a fresh backup: 24 GB took 1:06. After that, I tried the restore with no success. Then I did a second backup which showed 106 files. Again no success. I tried a completely different backup on a separate external hard drive. Again, no success. I give up. The money spent to "upgrade" from version 9 to 10 was a complete waste. For those of you reading this: the only thing worse than not backing up your files, is believing you are backed up when in fact you can't access the backup. Check it now. Caveat emptor.
  7. Tim, Here's the info on the Restore type. Restore type was: Restore selected files and folders; I then chose the most recent back-up. After that I chose the destination and Restore options. On the Restore Summary page, I clicked the "preview" button, and that's when I eventually got the "beach ball".
  8. Tim, I tried the restore operation three times. Each time I waited 10 minutes for the "Preview" to be completed. This was on a backup that only contained 66 files, so I thought this would be fairly quick. When Retrospect failed to respond, I went to the Apple Menu and chose "Force Quit". A list of running applications was displayed, but there was only one listing for Retrospect (There was no differentiation between app or console). I force quit it. Should I recycle the media set and try again?
  9. I followed your directions, and the log states that I am running 10.0.1. I think I'll leave the client alone. Everything is working OK. Thanks
  10. I upgraded to 10.0.1 and then checked the system prefs. The Retrospect pref correctly shows 10.0.1, but the client pref shows 9.0.2. I'm using Retrospect only to backup my computer, so there is no client installed on my machine. Is that why the client pref shows the wrong version? Does this matter?
  11. I have reinstalled the update and reinstalled the server. I still can't connect.
  12. Port scan was successful. I am using the desktop version of Retrospect. Version 8.3 worked fine. I do not understand why this upgrade will not function properly.
  13. Paul Ripley

    Server Not Connected

    Just to be clear, I upgraded directly through Retrospect 8. I opened Retro 8 and a window was displayed asking if I wanted to upgrade to Retro 9. I clicked the install button and ended up with Retro 9 components and a disconnected server. I was never asked for a license code, and I thought that was strange. And under the Retrospect menu, "Register" was grayed out. Did most of the respondents here use the stand-alone Retro 9 installer downloaded directly from Roxio? If so, that might be the difference between your experience and mine.
  14. Paul Ripley

    Server Not Connected

    What do you mean by "credentials"? I was never asked for anything, which I found odd.
  15. Paul Ripley

    Server Not Connected

    There was no prompt when I ran the console the first time. But I checked using the Retrospect system preference and the engine was running and the version number was 9. I tried stopping and starting it a number of times, but I was not able to get a server connection. After 90 minutes, I finally gave up and uninstalled v. 9. I reinstalled v. 8.2 and everything is working properly. (Mac System 10.6.8) If there is a fix for this problem, I will try the upgrade a second time.
  16. Paul Ripley

    Server Not Connected

    I'm having the exact same problem on my MacPro. Upgraded this morning and the server is no longer connected. I tried the suggestions in the Retrospect 8 User's Guide, but nothing worked.
  17. Since upgrading to 8.2 (console, engine 8.2.0), I am consistently getting these three comparison errors: *File "/Volumes/OS X/private/var/log/system.log": different data size (set: 920028, vol: 920268) *File "/Volumes/OS X/private/var/log/asl/2010.08.09.asl": different data size (set: 11132, vol: 11376) *File "/Volumes/OS X/private/var/log/asl/StoreData": didn't compare I very rarely got one of these errors with the previous version (8.1.626.1). Now I get them on every backup. Are these errors relevant? How will they affect a restore function? Can I just ignore them? 2008 Mac Pro; OS 10.6.4
  18. I just downloaded and installed the 8.1 driver update. I logged out and back in and opened Retrospect. Now I'm getting the dreaded and "not connected". I reinstalled the 8.1 engine and restarted the computer. The "Launch on system startup" box was checked. I opened the Retrospect pref pane, and it shows that the engine is stopped. I cannot start the Retrospect engine using the pref pane. Any suggestions?
  19. Paul Ripley

    After Driver Update 8.1 "Not Connected"

    Ross, Even after I supplied the information you requested, you still provided zero help. Maybe it's time for you to move out from mommy and daddy's house.
  20. Paul Ripley

    After Driver Update 8.1 "Not Connected"

    Gosh Russ, I'm using the last released version, Retrospect-81626, that I downloaded on 11/10/09. If you have something more recent, please enlighten the rest of us poor souls. There was NOTHING in the release notes about which versions of the engine were compatible /tested. I would guess that would be appropriate information. You think? Now that you have the information, let's hear your intelligent response. Waiting...
  21. Paul Ripley

    After Driver Update 8.1 "Not Connected"

    I uninstalled Retrospect and then reinstalled the console and the engine. Everything was working properly. After following the installation instructions for the Driver update, again I could no longer turn the engine back on. I went through the uninstall-reinstall-install driver update three times. The engine cannot be turned back on with the driver update in the Application Support/Retrospect folder. I give up. Mac Pro 2008; 10.6.3
  22. All the others have been about 65 MB. Why does 8.1.622 require 229 MB?
  23. Paul Ripley

    Remove an Activity

    When I click on "Activities" in the Sidebar, it displays a list of events that Retrospect has performed. If I highlight one of these old activities and then click "Remove" in the toolbar, what actually happens? Is the data from that activity lost, or is the event just removed from the list display?
  24. Paul Ripley

    Losing Connection After Restarting

    Solved My Problem I traced my connectivity problem to a feature of "Leopard Cache Cleaner" (LCC) which will tune your internet connection for broadband, narrowband or dial-up connections. This tuning makes a major improvement for my cable modem. First I verified Retrospect was working. Then I closed it and ran the broadband tuner in LCC. When I started Retrospect after the tune, it wasn't connected. I will write to the author of LCC and let him know about this.
  25. After updating the OS to 10.5.8 (Mac Pro Early 2008, Intel), Retrospect cannot connect after a restart or shutdown/startup. ( is shown) The only way to regain the connection is to reinstall Retrospect. Once it is reinstalled, Retrospect works properly until a restart or startup. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Retrospect but the connectivity is still lost on restart. I also repaired permissions. Nothing helps. I did not have this problem with 10.5.7