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  1. My other computer just died, hard drive fried. I had an eGO portable hard drive hooked up to it and was using the EMC Retrospect Express HD for Windows 2.5 to back up selected files (My Documents - not the whole system) nightly. I have now hooked up the portable hard drive to my alternate laptop (running Windows XP) and have run into problems. :rollie: [color:blue]1. When trying to "back up now", it is unsuccessful - Execution Incomplete. No reason given that I understand (5 minutes plus of idling/ preparing/ loading)[/color] [color:brown]2. I am unable to retrieve the restore points that are on the external drive that I had saved on my old computer. I can see the files when I go through "My computer" but I can't open them and I can't access them from the retrospect software.[/color]Â :devil: [color:purple]3. I can't open any individual files from the external drive. I assumed that I could (for example) go to Microsoft Word and open a file from the exteral drive that I had saved through "backing up" on the old computer and then open them on any computer that had the same program.[/color]Â :confused2:Â What am I missing here?Thanks for any help you can provide!