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    I appreciate your efforts. Regarding the posts, I now have three but it's not quantity it's quality. What, are they handing out free copies of Retrospect to the forum hounds with the most posts?
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    First thing that came to mind when reading your reply, rhwalker, was that you didn't do much but reiterate each of my issues. I also get the idea you have absolutely no idea what your talking about, the latest driver update for Retrospect 6 (for Macintosh) was May 29, 2009. Unless you're only three months old that is not "a long time ago". I would argue that Retrospect 6.1 is still viable software. You can buy an entire operating system for what it cost me to purchase, I expect some support for my patronage.
  3. Retrospect 6 not working with latest RDU on 2009 model iMac with OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5670S. I just purchased a new iMac and no I can not read my Retrospect 6 Backups on this machine; wondering when an RDU will be available that supports this drive. I see that two OPTIARC drives are supported: Optiarc AD-5630A (Apple version); Optiarc AD-7170A (Apple version)