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    nps vss writer error

    still no reply ! The woman on the phone said they would answer my email without a service fee. I can buy a good backup utility for $69
  2. wncjsh

    nps vss writer error

    No response to my email to technical support.
  3. wncjsh

    nps vss writer error

    Well, technical support wants $69 to help. will try sending them an email.... Guess I'll start looking for new backup software.
  4. wncjsh

    nps vss writer error

    Now that's a novel idea! no, but I will if you think they can help! I don't seem to find a phone number yet....
  5. wncjsh

    nps vss writer error

    I'm not using Beta... Please someone help us!! I'm really getting frustrated with this problem.
  6. wncjsh

    Error 1101 NPS/VSS problems

    Here is what is in my event log: 1 2 0 0x80000000000000 92474 Application
  7. I checked the event log after reading some of the earlier posts, but I don't know what I'm looking for or what to do with the event ID. Could you send me in the right direction.
  8. I've been using retrospect HD for a year and just started getting an error and my backup will not run correctly. I'm running on Vista to an IOMEGA harddrive. The errors: Writer "NPS VSS Writer" backup failed, error -1101 (file/directory not found). Component "NPS Database" backup failed, error -1101 (file/directory not found). Please help!!
  9. wncjsh

    nps vss writer error

    same problem for me.... any solution???
  10. Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I just started having the same thing happen to me and am getting frustrated! I'm using Retrospect HD 2.5 on a dell vista laptop, backing up to an IOMEGA harddrive. It's worked fine for a year and suddenly started getting this error and won't backup everything. Please post your solution if you have one!!