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  1. It´s so ridiculous ... a Backup-Application that cannot read it´s former backup-sets I have HUNDREDS of DVD-Backups made with Retrospect 6. Rebuilding a catalog-file from only 1 of them lasts about 25 minutes !!! - it´s a shame
  2. thanks for answering - that clears things for me
  3. Eject doesn´t work with the Mac´s built in optical drive, when Retrospect is active. I know it´s normal behaviour that I cannot open/close the slider with the eject button on the Mac´s keyboard. But even if I go to "Storage Devices" and click on the eject button nothing happens. It only works if I open the slider BEFORE starting Retrospect Backup Engine and Retrospect application. After that the eject button under "Storage Devices" starts working. Also, if I leave the Retrospect Backup Engine active after quitting the Retrospect application, eject still doesn´t work, so I need to stop the engine to be able to use the Mac´s optical drive again. my setup: Mac Pro (early 2008), Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) Trial thanks in advance for helping
  4. thanks for your reply but - YES - I have it enabled
  5. what are your recommondations for an extern. firewire DVD-drive that works reliable with retrospect 6 (OSX 10.5.8 / ppc G5) and retrospect 8 (OSX 10.6.4 / intel-mac mini)? I´m not sure which one to buy since the ones listed in the retrospect device information database seem to be out of date :confused2: any hints are very appreciated
  6. I would like to know if someone gets restrospect 8 running succesfully on an intel-macmini (snowleopard 10.6.4) retro doesn´t recognize the superdrive of the macmini, manual configuration of the drive always fails is this a known issue or did I miss something ? any help is very appreciated
  7. thanks for your reply yes, the logic/waveburner-files are packages that was what I´ve done - I did a restore of the complete folder (it was a folder containing the project files, the audio files and so on) and retrospect restored all fine, except these packages
  8. though these documents are shown properly in the search & restore dialog, after restoring them from backup (DVD in this case) there are cryptical files instead of the original files f.e. Apple Logic Pro saves its documents like this: projectname.logic after restoring this document appears like that: LgDoc (instead of a document this is now a folder) if there have been more than one files in this backup, then they appear after restoring: LgDoc-1, LgDoc-2 and so on... it seems that Restrospect only restores the package content of the original file all other files in the backup, like audio-files are restored correctly