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  1. I will be upgrading to a W7 64-bit machine. I have Retro 7.7 installed on my current machine (Vista 32), but want to make sure that all of my scripts and preference are moved to the new machine. Where are the scripts/preferences for Retrospect stored? I have found a post in the forum on this for Retro 8 (Mac), but couldn't find the path mentioned in that post. It doesn't seem to apply to Windows installs.
  2. rtater

    Can scripts be transferred?

    Sorry if it wasn't clear. The current OS is Vista, so the references to Documents and Settings for XP don't apply. The config75.dat file isn't in the Vista equivalent path or in the program files folder either. In fact, a search of the entire drive for config75.dat comes up empty. It's crazy to have to rebuild all of the scripts, but it shouldn't be this difficult to find the preferences file.
  3. rtater

    Can scripts be transferred?

    Thanks for that Russ. I am still struggling to find the preference/script files in Vista's folder structure. I can't find any file named Config75 or Config?? anywhere and the file paths given in the manuals (that same section in the manual for 7.7 is verbatim from 7.6, by the way) are from XP. The 7.7 manual also still refers to Config75.dat. Any ideas on what the name of the file is in 7.7 or where it would be saved in Vista? It isn't in the Retrospect application directory. Many thanks in advance.