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  1. Hi, I have been happily using Retrospect 5.0 (French localization) for several years on a small network with old Mac G4 machines running OS X 10.2. Today I tried to install a similar backup of 2 new clients (iMacs running 10.5). The installation seemed successful but I was unable to turn on the client. When I open the client application, there is a dialog box saying "Waiting for initialization password (clik on" [the end of the sentence in French does not fit within the frame, so I do not know what I am supposed to click on!] If I click on the "yes" radio button, the message changes to : "Waiting for first access" but then, after a few seconds, the button goes back to "no" and the original truncated message is again displayed. From the machine running Retrospect, I cannot seem to see the client. Did anybody experience the same problem, or succeed using this old 5.0 version on a machine running OS X 10.5? Any idea of where this problem might come from? Thanks in advance.