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    Red Hat Linux client removal

    I forgot to mention that you should be root before running these commands.
  2. sodacre

    Red Hat Linux client removal

    Hi Victor, Here are some tips that may prove useful. Please note that the name of the .rpm file may vary depending on the version you are using. This command will force a reinstall of the client even if rpm thinks it is already installed: rpm -ivh --replacepkgs Linux_Client-7_6_100.rpm This command will remove the client from your system: rpm -e retroclient - Sean
  3. Hello, I have just installed the Linux client (version 7.6.100) on a Fedora Core 10 machine and I am seeing this issue as well. In the Event tab for Activity Monitor, I see "User deferred" every 60 seconds appear for my Linux host. I tried retrocpl -off then -on to restart the client, but the problem remains. Assistance appreciated!