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  1. I might be better off deleting the set and letting the proactive script do its job... ER
  2. I have version 7.6.123, update 120GB completed in 1h... 37h to go... Two more days without backups. ER
  3. Retrospect crashed. Now it says the Backup catalog is severely damaged. I need to recreate it. Last time I had to do it, it took many hours... I'll update the thread once it's done and we can go from there. ER
  4. I had grooming set to 10, I changed it to 5, and closed the window... not Retrospect is not responding... is it grooming? I have the latest version of Restrospect, running on Windows 2003 server fully patched on a dual Xeon E5335 with 4GB of RAM. The backup set is a 4.5TB iSCSI SAN. ER
  5. Retrospect filled the partition used for the backup set. This partition is 4.5TB. I know my total backup isn't that big so something is wrong. In tools I did verify media, it says "completed with 80 errors". My backups are stopped since 3 days, I don't know what to do next. Please advise, ER