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  1. It will depend on whether you are part of a Windows domain or just a Workgroup or standalone.. Assuming you are not a domain user and are logged in as an administrator, then you might be able to access this feature in two ways: Right click the Start button and Customise the Start Menu to display the System admin tools, or Open the Control Panel in Classic Mode and the Admin tools should be listed.
  2. I have been evaluating Retrospect Single Server 7.6 (latest version) on Vista 32 bit (old PC) using an Iomega StorCenter ix2 and I have experienced all of the above problems. It worked perfectly under Windows Xp and Server 2003, but fell apart under Vista. I have played around alot with accounts and the UAC in Vista. I can only get the launcher to work if UAC is disabled. However, I almost got it working with another tweak as follows, suggesting that further tweaks might be possible, but I think we need some help from EMC on exactly what settings are needed: Firstly the account used by the launcher and Retrospect must be an admin account with at the very least, read access to all of the folders on the NAS to be backed up Then logged in as an admin on Vista goto to Administrative Tools, Local Security Policy and select Local Policies, Security Options. Scroll to the bottom and change the setting for user Account Control: Behaviour of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval mode to Elevate without Prompting So far UAC enabled this prevents the annoying prompt when starting Retrospect, but the launcher still did not start. Any more ideas? Tim