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    Can't restore older backups

    Responses have been made. Your turn.
  2. Sorry. Replied to my own post like an idiot from a few months ago. I'm in a bit of a hurry and a bit angry and frazzled at the moment. So.. Responses to what you suggested Russ: I am using No. Nothing else is connected via firewire. Yes. I ran the Sony Tape tool and updated the firmware. I have tried every firewire port on the computer with the same result. The G4 that I used before is dead, which is why I switched to the macpro. I have tried the drive on a G4 and a G5 belonging to friends and it has worked fine. It's not the drive.
  3. meangus

    Can't restore older backups

    Well, there you have it. In that case, tell me why Retrospect 6.1.230 hangs in the middle of backing up or restoring. It will get about 1G into it and just stop. The gears stop turning, the tape drive stops responding, and it will stay this way for days. Many times, I can't even get Retropsect to see the tape drive. The drive is a Sony SDX520c. All of this started when I switched from a G4 to an Intel Mac Pro. The drive is fine. I've tried it on a G5 and a G4 belonging to friends and it works great. Seems to be a MacPro/Retrospect 6 issue. I had hoped that Retropsect 8 would solve this, not realizing that there would be no backwards compatibilty. I read the "read me" that recommends turning the drive on a few seconds prior to booting the computer, but that made no difference.
  4. meangus

    Can't restore older backups

    I too am trying to restore data from older backups. I've got data backed up on AIT tapes that I need to retrieve that was backed up with Retrospect 5 and 6. Retrospect 8 will not recognize the backup sets nor will it rebuild them from the tapes. I cannot go back to Retrospect 5 or 6 any longer because I am running OS 10.5.7. I desperately need to be able to access those files. They are client projects that they expect to be able to refer at any time. I find it inconceivable that the designers of Retrospect 8 would write this version with absolutely no backwards compatibility. Could this be true?!?!?!?! What the...?
  5. I'm having the exact same problem. Used to work fine on a G4, I switched to an Intel Macpro and it does exactly the same thing. I upgraded Retrospect to v. 8 hoping it would solve the problem. I don't know if it has because I need to restore data from tapes backed up with v. 6.1 and Retrospect 8 apparently can't recognize Retropsect 6 backup sets. Nice. btw, it's not the drive. I tried it on a friend's G4 and it worked fine. I desperately need an answer.
  6. I am using Retrospect 6.1.230 on an intel Macpro, running OS 10.4.11. I had previously used Retrospect 6.0 on a G4 and everything worked beautifully. I am using a firewire Sony SDX-520c AIT2 tape backup drive that I also used with the G4 before. The first problem I started having with the Intel Mac Pro was that in the middle of a backup, Retrospect would just stop backing up. The little gears would continue to spin, but no progress would be shown. I could press the "Pause" and then "Continue" buttons and it would appear to be responding, but it would still make no progree. I would get no error messages or anything. It would sit like this for hours until I finally attempted to quit, at which time the spinning beach would make it's appearance and then a Force Quit was the only option. After this I downloaded the driver update from Retropsect and it continued happening. Then Retropspect stopped recognizing the AIT Tape Drive. Usually I could power cycle the drive and restart the computer and it would show up. I tried going back to an older version of Retropsect (because this seemed to start after upgrading to 6.1. I can't get 6.0 to open in the Intel mac(it must not be compatible, which is probably why I ended up upgrading to 6.1.xxx. I installed 6.1.126 and it I attempted a backup. It started out fine but after roughly 120mg I got a "Bad media or dirty tape heads" message. I cleaned the tape heads and tried again. Same thing. I tried 2 different tapes...same thing. I gave up for the day. Today I launched Retrospect and not only does it not recognize the AIT drive, but it doesn't even see the internal DVD-R drive. The AIT Drive is listed as compatible on the Retrospect site. I have the most recent firmware available for it installed. So what is the problem?