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  1. I'm doing normal backups to an external disk drive with "Grooming to Retrospect Defined Policy" enabled. I can make backups for about two months before the backup drive is full and grooming is triggered. I'm using Retrospect Express 7.6. Can I safely do this forever or are there reasons to periodically run a Recycle Backup? Thank you for any thoughts. Mark
  2. bluffwood

    Faulty File Compression?

    Mayoff, thank you very much! You are correct, as expected. I never dreamed my D and E drives contained minimal numbers of compressible files but that appears to be the case. I tried backing each drive up by itself with compression turned on and the resulting backups still had 0% compression. I now agree compression works properly with multi-volume backups.
  3. bluffwood

    Scheduled Duplicates Don't Copy Files

    Thank you for the clarification. At least now I know this is not a bug. I also now understand why there is no "Files Chosen" button in the Manage Scripts window. I don't care for the design choice since it prevents the scheduled duplication of a set of specific files in various directories. The only other option I can see is to define every desired directory as a subvolume and take all files contained in those subvolumes, even if you don't want/need most of the files backed up. At a minimum, it would be nice if Retrospect warned you when choosing the scheduling option that manual file selections will be ignored. Thanks, again.
  4. bluffwood

    Scheduled Duplicates Don't Copy Files

    I just discovered that scheduling an Immediate Duplicate script in Advanced Mode apparently causes Retrospect to forget the custom file selections you made using the Files Chosen button/panel. The script reverts back to the default files identified by the choice made with the "Selecting" button/panel. In my case, I chose the "No Files" option since I only wanted to duplicate one file - the Retrospect catalog for the backup set (which I marked in the "Files Chosen" panel). Once I scheduled the script it reverted back to selecting "No Files." I tested the mirror image case, using a selector that would find a number of files and then de-selecting some of those files in Files Chosen. The scheduled script duplicated all of the default files including the ones I had de-selected. I am now fairly sure this is a bug. Effectively, this means scheduled duplication scripts limit the duplication choices to the pre-determined file sets defined in the "Selecting" panel. To duplicate a custom set of files you must manually create and immediately run an Immediate Duplication. This is fairly limiting. Hopefully this will be fixed.
  5. bluffwood

    Faulty File Compression?

    I created a scheduled, 3-volume disk backup script to a USB external hard drive. The script has file compression turned on. The script log reports the backup of the first volume (drive C) gets compressed but the backups of the final two volumes (drives D and E) do NOT get compressed. The actual space occupied by the backup files agrees with the log. Is this a known bug? Can I work around the problem by creating separate backup scripts for each of the volumes and directing them all to the same Backup Set? I'm using Retrospect Express 7.6.123 with Windows XP Home SP3. Thanks for any input! Mark
  6. I am not able to get Immediate Duplicate scripts (created in Advanced Mode) to copy the selected files when they are scheduled rather than run immediately. The scripts run on schedule and complete normally, they just don't copy the files. They use the "replace corresponding files" option. If I create identical Immediate Duplicates and run them immediately, the same selected files will be copied. Is this a bug or am I missing something? I'm using Retrospect Express 7.6.123 with Windows XP Home SP3. Thank you for any thoughts! Mark
  7. After a Duplicate or Backup script with a custom file selection list has been created in Advanced Mode and saved, is there a way to view the selection list? When the saved script is edited in the "Manage Scripts" window, the "Preview" and "Files Chosen" buttons are not available like they are in "Backup" and "Duplicate" windows. I have Retrospect Express 7.6.123.