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  1. We use a product made by OnTrack called Easy Recovery Professional. It has worked well for me.
  2. ethier

    Vista 64 with Win 7 64 as a client

    Problem solved! I noticed one other thing on the Activity Monitor during the Backup attempt. Above the progress bar the top line read something like 'Waiting for open file...' So I went looking to the Knowledgebase for info on Open Files were I found something that sparked my interest. Under Options Open Files I changed the Retry timeout to 1 minute and removed the check mark for Protect Multi-Volume Datasets. After launching the script it paused at the Open File then continued on to backup my files. The odd part of this is I never received any errors like -3047, it just kept trying. Thinking back (in Retrospect you could say <-- pun alert) I bet I checked the Backup Open Files box when I setup my laptop after the Win7 install. I think I caused my own problem, but it is nice to be able to backup open files; you just have to set limits. Check out the KB 'error -3047 (disk inactivity threshold not met)'. I hope this helps someone.
  3. ethier

    Vista 64 with Win 7 64 as a client

    Well, I tried to un-install and reinstall Retro on both PCs and now the symptoms are slightly differant, but I have the same result. Now the elapse time shows 00:00:12 sec and throughput is 0.0 MB/sec. Obviously the uninstall did not completely uninstall because after the install all my scripts and setting were back and I did not have to re-enter my serial number for Retro. I'm having trouble finding uninstall info for Retrospect Pro on Vista.
  4. ethier

    Lockup in Windows XP

    Have you tried to re-format the drive after your PC locked up? It is possible there could be come corrupt data on the drive now. After you format the drive use Windows to copy some large files to the drive to make sure it's okay. If the drive came with diagnostic utilities try running those to completion to make sure there are no errors. It wouldn't be the first time a new drive went bad no matter who made the drive. If all that is okay, I would try Retro again and see what happens.
  5. I'm having a strange problem trying to backup a Windows 7 64 bit Client. The PC that runs Retrospect Pro is running Vista Business 64 bit and is backing up to a 1 TB hard drive. The Vista PC backup runs without error. My laptop had Vista Ultimate 64 bit and was backuping up just fine. When I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and installed the Retrospect Client I connected and setup the script with the folders I wanted backed up. When I launched the script Retro Pro connects (Retro Pro and the Client show the correct status), but the Activity Monitor shows the Completed Status: 0 files, zero KB, 00:00:04 sec, 0.0 MB/min and stays that way indefinately. Nothing changes from this point. On the Client status shows: in use by "PC9519" for Preparing... Retrospect Pro is version 7.6.123 with Driver Update and Hot Fix, version and is running on Windows Vista Business 64 bit with SP2. The Client is version 7.6.107 and is running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with all important updates installed. Both PCs also have Symantec Endpoint protection version 11.0.5 installed and all Windows Firewalls are turned off on both PCs because we are protected by several firewalls inside our company. I do notice if I reboot the Client while Retro Pro is in the state it will respond by saying it lost connectivity with the Client so it isn't really locked up, I just don't know why it can't backup any files. Any help? Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Ah, I see. I suspected something like that and that was going to be my next test; to leave Retro running and see what happened the next time a script ran. This make perfect sense to me now. Thanks for the reply!
  7. I finally fixed the -519 problem. It turned out to be my wireless card. When the Retrospect Client was installed and ran on my laptop for the first time it made the initial connection and backup using the Wired NIC. Now if the wireless is enabled when the backup script runs it will fail with -519, but if I switch off the wireless before the script runs everything is okay. My laptop will ping either way, but Retrospect wants to see only the wired NIC. Okay, after tinkering with the other problem for some time I have noticed the following: IF Retrospect is currently running a backup script and I try to launch Retro or the monitor to see the current status of the backup I get this odd dark blue window (RetroMonitor.exe) with no info on it. If I wait until the backup script is finished (monitor the client window) then Retro and the monitor window work as expected and the odd dark blue window does not show up. Retrorun.exe (*32) is always running and Retrospect.exe runs when the scripts execute. (This is obvious). Anytime I try to launch the monitor directly I get the funny dark blue window (RetroMonitor.exe), but as long as no scripts are running, and I launch Retro the monitor window will run as expected when Retro launches. Is the blue box what you refer to as the Network Monitor box kcorbin? I was able to get the blue window and the monitor open at the same time. Both show up as RetroMonitor.exe, one owned by SYSTEM (the dark blue window) and one owned by my userid. I think this all adds up to Retrospect not being 100% compatable with Vista 64 and maybe 32 as well.
  8. Well, I have Retrospect limping along now. The auto script fails everytime so I have to remember to run the script manually. For some reason it will run if I launch it manually, but not automatically. I get the following errors: 'Can't use Open File Backup option for Local Disk (C:) on , error -519 (network communication failed)' Then: 'Can't reserve backup client , error -519 (network communication failed).' Manually run the same script and it completes without a problem. Any help here from EMC??
  9. Well shortly after my last post Retrospect decided to launch and I was able to at least get a backup run. Oddly enough if I launch the Retrospect Activity Monitor I get the odd window, but if I launch Retrospect it works now. I have a hunch about something. I noticed when Retrospect finally launched the log showed my laptop had an error -530 (backup client not found), but it was an hour before the script should have launched. Also, I have 2 NICs on my laptop, a wired and a wireless. The wireless is always on, but the wire is not always on. It seems as though Retro can 'see' the client on my laptop using the wireless, but it wants to backup using the wire. If the wire is not online at the time the script runs Retro will launch and start the backup, but when it comes time to start copying it will get an error -530. I'm still working on this. I'll update you if I find anything else. Mike
  10. Well, I have bad news again. My odd display is back and Retorspect is not working again. Looks like that was a one day fix. I have to get this resolved as I won't get any backups until I do. Hopefully someone has seen this goofy display before and can help out with this.
  11. Well, I have good news to report. Looks like that solved my T400 problems too. My laptop is in the process of backing up right now. I guess I will continue to use Retro in Compatability Mode. Hope this helps someone.
  12. Okay, maybe I can shed a little light on some of this. Here is how I'm setup: Lenovo M58 with E8400, 4 GB RAM, 750 GB drive and a 1 TB drive. Retrospect runs on the 750 GB drive and backs up to the 1 TB drive. I have 1 client which is a Lenovo T400 with 4 GB RAM. Both PCs running Vista 64 Bit Business and connected via 1000 Mb network switch. The M58 is new and was installed 2 weeks ago and Retro 7.6.123 was installed at the time and configed with scripts to auto backup both PCs to the 1 TB drive on the M58. As I usually just set and go with Retro I didn't check to make sure the backups were successful until this morning when I found out they were not running. When I launched the Activity Monitor a small dark blue window opened which displayed 'EMC Retrospect' in the upper left and to the far right what looked like a 'power button' - a round orange circle with a vertical line inside and a typical (other than color) X in the upper right corner. Clicking the orange button made it flash slowly, but after some time (maybe a minute) it stopped flashing. I could not get Retro to launch until I got 'properties ' on retrospect.exe and set it to compatability XP SP2 mode. Now it launches and I have my M58 backup running. The T400 is another story. It will not backup. When the script launches it conntacts the client (I see that on the client itself in the status box), but when the file backup starts I get a -519 error. Have any of you guys tried compatability mode? I was really baffled by the odd display and I could not find any entries in the KB on this. When my M58 backup is finished I will work on the T400 (network client) to see if I can figure out why I can connect to it and configure it, but not backup (-519).