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    Error -557 ( Transaction Already Complete)

    What do I need to downgrade to? And is it just the server or the client as well?
  2. True and we had thought of that but we have some user files change fairly often.
  3. At this point I think that is the best we can do. I am also going to schedule the OS BU twice a week and data every day. Or skip data on OS days. Thanks again!
  4. I understand what you mean by running all the BUs on one machine, but we don't have enough disk storage there. If we ran them on the same machine, we don't need to assign an execution unit because it will wait on the client (at least that is what we see happening). If the machines would just pass on the BU because the client is busy, that would be fine, but some times we see this cause the client to be come unavailable to both when the next run is scheduled. Frankly, we love Retrospect and its simplicity, but there are just a couple of more tweaks that would make it work so much better for us... Thanks for the quick response.
  5. Is there a way to make 2 servers running Retrospect aware of each other? I have to backup data to one storage server and the OS on a different storage server using the same instance of the client.
  6. dheiert

    Duplicate function and volumes

    I can't use duplicate any way. No way to access the volume concurrently that way. Will have to use archive. The point of the exercise is to get files off the servers daily and onto the storage machine. Then they will be sent to tape weekly with recycle. Grooming won't help because the file name is always different.
  7. I need to be able to run concurrent duplicate jobs to a large RAID array I have moving SQL backups from servers to the storage server. I cannot figure out how to configure the destination volumes so that the duplicate jobs are not waiting on the Windows drive. Any help on this? Is it possible to define a folder as a volume and not a subvolume?
  8. dheiert

    Schedule questions

    It's not a matter of the servers being busy, but the backup servers being busy. I have so many machines to backup that there seems to always be a script running. Although I do not have my second BU machine online. We were taking system backups every night which I think is unneeded since the Windows side of things doesn't change that often. We run SaaS for our own software with Interbase and SQL server underneath so I want to capture them.
  9. dheiert

    Schedule questions

    Sounds better. So to disk, then to tape, then groom then repeat? Maybe, but I have to disk backups running almost all of the time. I am setting up another server to help spread the load and get some off time. Will the to disk jobs wait on the groom jobs? I assume they will.
  10. dheiert

    Schedule questions

    Thanks for the response! I guess I should have explained the whole situation for clarity. I will be backing up about 100 servers running various things including SQL server to 2 different instances of Retrospect with about 8Tb of disk and and ultrium 4 LTO changer each. I plan to take nightly BU's to disk, then copy that to tape weekly and send to Iron Mountain on a rotation with the previous weeks BU always there. I am also required to send a tape set to our corp group for permanent offsite storage at the end of the month; those only come back to us if we request it. I think I solved my tape dilemma by recycling on the first Friday of the month; so it will look like this ( with nightly to disk always happening). Friday 1-1 -from disk to tape; recycle disk set (send to corp 1-31) Friday 1-8 -from disk to tape; no recycle disk set Friday 1-15 -from disk to tape; no recycle disk set Friday 1-22 -from disk to tape; no recycle disk set Possible: (Friday 1-29 -from disk to tape; no recycle disk set) Friday 2-5 -from disk to tape; recycle disk set (send to corp 2-28) Iron Mountain tape rotation will be 6 months. I have to recycle because disk is my primary medium and I cannot store all of the data forever. Using this method, I will always have any nightly backup available at the corp office. Let me know what you think please.
  11. I need a kind of custom schedule. I would like to backup to tape every weekend without recycle except for the last weekend of the month. Then I will recycle and that will go permanently offsite. Can anyone help? Seems doable, but it will take some tweaking.
  12. dheiert

    7.7.203 memory leak?

    Wait, what??
  13. dheiert

    7.7.203 memory leak?

    Any word on that patch? And will it deal with HP Ultrium access that used to work in 7.6?
  14. dheiert

    Network share speed

    I think I figured it out. The sending server was waiting for a cache flush report from the target. This changes it http://smallvoid.com/article/winnt-network-file-commit.html I would be sure the target is a redundant set and possibly on battery since the sender does not wait for a cache flush from the other end.
  15. dheiert

    Network share speed

    First off, it is not a NAS, but a Windows 2003 server running NFS. Second, the local drive is an esata RAID 5 array that smokes once the file is created. Moving 610 Mb in about 10 seconds... Not too bad. As I said, the delay is in creating the RDB file on the NFS server.