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  1. We are moving around how we are storing user documents, and in the process our backups are growing at an enormous rate. Is there any way to: * Remove backups older than 2 years? * Move chucks of the data in the sets that are in the old locations to an archive? That is still restorable. Thanks, Dan
  2. dbakerstl

    Client to Server Ratio?

    I am wondering why you are backing up soo many individual machines? We had a major policy change here to help with that very same issue... If you do not save to the server you are not backed-up. We just had lots of problems with client timing out, connections failing, people turning off machines, etc... It would slow the entire process down, and above all it was HARD to verify that every machine had a complete backup... Now we backup 4 servers, our main file server (1.2TB), webserver (2-3GB), library catalog, database server... I can easily check our backups for complete sets, without having to fumble through 600+ reports There are many ways to do the same thing... I like the simple/stupid method... -Dan
  3. Cool - worked like a charm Never noticed that you can use filters in transfer backupset. I tested it, verified, did a sample restore of the data - re-verified, and all is now complete! did not take very long... Thanks for your help - I guess you can use this same method, if you wanted to break up a larger backup set to a couple smaller ones as well... You learn new stuff everyday!
  4. My guess is after you transfer to a new backup set and then transfer back to the original - then I would have to rebuild the catalog?
  5. I moved files from one LUN of our SAN to a new LUN, and would like to remove them from the backupset... Is that possible? - thought I posted this already, but it didnt show...
  6. I will try to uninstall and re-install the automatic launcher. The email notifications dont do you any good if the backup does not kick off...
  7. dbakerstl

    File appears incomplete

    If these are VM drives cant you just have a backup of the base drive, and then just create a snapshot and pull the VM disk in a normal backup (not open file). It was my impression when you create a snap it freezes the main VM disk, and allows you to back it up, and you commit the snap or create another one, and it writes those changes to the original disk file.
  8. Is there a service or something that is not running causeing my backups not to kick off? I am just keeping the retrospect program open in my remote session until I can get this figured out.
  9. Nothing in logs and it just did it again, I recieved no email when the backup did not run. When I exit retro - I see the "Check media, media ok" etc... but the scheduled executions will not run. This is not good. What could be causing this! --- Log Enteries --- + Retrospect version 7.6.111 Launched at 5/8/2009 5:21 PM in user account XXXX\administrator Exit at 5/8/2009 5:39 PM + Retrospect version 7.6.111 Launched at 5/10/2009 8:46 AM in user account XXXX\administrator + Normal backup using Auction at 5/10/2009 8:46 AM (Execution unit 1)
  10. I dont know if its a best practice, but I tend to break-up my backups into smaller sets if possible. Instead of backing up an entire server in one set organize a couple of sets for that one server, so they are more manageable, and if something where to happen to the catalog, it is much quicker to recover...
  11. I went to restore a file for someone on our server, and when I opened retrospect, it started to backup... And I noticed that it has not done so in 2 weeks! First - has anyone seen this? Second - can you get retrospect to email backup reports (so I can make sure our nightly backups are running without manually checking every night) Retrospect MS running in win2003 server