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    Retrospect 7.7.325 will not start

    Hi richy Thank you for your help and advice. This was an upgrade install (originally 7.6) The config75 files were ok (although from Feb 2010). I went back to 7.6 and removed config77 files. There have been minimal changes since the upgrade, so at least all the scripts were present. Now back up and working as 7.7.235 again. I will make sure i backup the config files (locally where i can get at them) everyday from now on Thanks again for your help
  2. wayneratcliffe

    Retrospect 7.7.325 will not start

    Hi Richy Thanks for that, unfortunately, they have not been backed up on their own, only as part of a normal backup of the server (to tape and disk) which i can't access. I tried renaming the backup file, which didn't help, just crashed out again Thanks
  3. wayneratcliffe

    Retrospect 7.7.325 will not start

    Now when you click on either retropsect 7.7 or activity monitor, the monitor loads with a big red X and says cannot connect to retrospect Anyone have any ideas what has happened or how to fix it (or at least get back up and loading) Thanks
  4. wayneratcliffe

    Retrospect 7.7.325 will not start

    Hi When i launch Retrospect monitor, it says: Retrospect is not running, when you launch Retrospect from the menu, it opens up, looks like it is going to load (says Retrospect is starting scheduled executions continue cancel) and then crashes out and shuts down. You can press either, but the same result, shuts down. The following event is present: Event ID 2 Event Type: Information Event Source: Retrospect Event Category: None Event ID: 2 Date: 5/4/2010 Time: 3:50:35 PM User: CO\retroadmin Computer: BACKUP02 Description: The description for Event ID ( 2 ) in Source ( Retrospect ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: + Retrospect version 7.7.325 Launched at 5/4/2010 3:50 PM . Thanks
  5. Hi We have been using version 7.7 for a while and had problems with exhange. I upgraded to version 7.7.325 and the latest drivers and it was solved. We are using Multiserver under 64it windows 2003 SP2 At the weekend it all crashed and after restarting, it crashed again. Monitor complains that it cannot connect to retrospect. Have tried reinstalling and removing and re-installing with no success Any ideas what has gone wrong? Thanks
  6. wayneratcliffe

    Exchange 2003 error -3405

    Hi Not quite, it happens to every mailbox after the first one. I installed the new driver and this seems to have solved the problem, it has now backed up each mailbox in turn without that error Thanks wayne
  7. wayneratcliffe

    Exchange 2003 error -3405

    Just upgraded to driver version (22/4/10), which apparently fixes some exchange bugs, so hoping that resolves the error Will update after next backup Thanks
  8. Windows 2003 64bit fully patched Retrospect 7.7.325 driver version Backup to both tape and disk Since upgrading to version 7.7 we have had trouble backing up the mailboxes (all worked fine under 7.6). Initially, it was the error -557 transaction already complete. I upgraded to the latest version, which was supposed to resolve this error (which it did). I am now getting the following error when it tries to backup the mailboxes: Scanning incomplete, error -3405 ( unknown). It backs up the store and public folders and even backs up the very first mailbox, then the rest have this error. Anyone had this error and resolved it? This is driving me crazzzzzy! Thanks
  9. wayneratcliffe

    Automatic use of Backup sets

    Hi Thanks for the reply. We run scripted backups for numerous servers, but we want to be able to move tapes off site on a regular basis, as a full backup set. Each time a new set is added, Retrospect perfoms a full backup, then only files that have changed. A backup set with 5 tapes allows us to move tapes every 4 to 5 weeks. Any more than 5 tapes increases this to a lot longer period. We have a multiple tape change which holds 3 sets of 5 backups, plus a tape cleaner. We want to have Retrospect to automatically move onto the next set for each server once a backup set is full. These tapes are only recycled after a year. At present, once the backup set is full, it just waits until manually intervention to move to the next backup set listed in the scripted backups. We are mew to using Retrospect, after moving from Backup exec Thanks
  10. Hi We are currently using Retrospect 7.6. We have a multi tape changer with 15 tapes. Every 5 tapes are members of a different backup set. Why does not retropect automatically move on to the next backup set? Each script has each backup set listed, but just waits for media when the set is full. I have to remove the full backup set from the list to get it to use the next available backup set. Any ideas what i have done wrong? Thanks
  11. wayneratcliffe

    Full Database backup plus logfiles

    Hi So there is no way i can backup the actual database files (.stm and .edb)? Even if we do not backup the storage group? Thanks
  12. Hi New to Retrospect moved from backupexec, We are using Retrospect 7.6.123 and client 7.6.106 and exchange add-on. The mailbox and storage group backup are working fine. However, i wanted to backup the full database (ie both .edb and .stm files) and the exchange logfiles, so that these could be replayed against a database. I chose to backup the various drives containing windows, database and logfiles. In the script i chose Options > More choices and chose exchange server. I then made sure Full Backup was checked (full databse and log files) When i came to look to restore these files, non had been backed up, or at least i could not see them I know this was easy in backup exec, so not sure what has gone wrong. Can Retrospect backup and restore the actual individual database files as it says? or am i missing something? Thanks
  13. Hi We have just swapped to Retrospect from Backup Excec. We have a Scsi Autoloader (Qantum Superloader 3 DLT-s4-DC) under windows 2003. Everything seems to be fine until all tne tapes seem to be lost from the backup set (they appear greyed out and are not listed in the backup set media). If you recreate the backup evrything seems to be fine, but this has occured 4 times over the past 3 weeks Anyone else had a similar problem which has been resolved? Thanks
  14. Hi We have just moved to retrospect from backup exec. We currently Have Retrospect under Windows Server 2003 (64bit) fully patched. We backup to a quantum DLT-S4-DC tape libary (15 tapes + 1 cleaning tape) All tapes are new and initialised as part of 1 backup set. Twice now the backups have been going fine until Tape 3 has been reached, all of a sudden the backup switches back to tape 1, the catalogue file is corrupt and the other 14 tapes are no longer part of the backup set. The first time, i created the backup set again. This time I am re-creating the catalogue file from the tapes Why does it lose the tape members and switch back to using tape 1? I hope someone has some anwsers, i should not have to recreate the catalogue 10 days or so Thanks