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  1. Oh yea, that is me above. I forgot all about the original login. DOH!
  2. OK, I am going to partially answer my own questions here with a hack and a workaround, but I would love to know WTF is happening here: I copied the bakup set data files to a new folder, selected that folder for rebuild catalog, and it still did not work. So I decided to rename all the files to the same name as used in one of the sets that did work. I noted that each set of data has different first two letters, and the files in this set were names CT0000xx.rdb So, taking a name from a set that did work, I renamed all the files to CR0000xx.rdb and tried again. This time, the data WAS recognized as valid backup set data files and the restore worked. So why does the name make a difference? By the way, once I restored the old catalogs, the program had no trouble at all using the data from the other sets that it claimed did not exist and could not rebuild a catalog from. This looks like a serious bug to me, and undermines my ability to trust this program some. I was luck that this hack worked. What happens next time? Anyone have any clues as to why the name should make a difference?
  3. I lost a drive to a hard crash a few days ago. Sadly it contained all my catalog files. But I had backed them up, along with all the other data on that drive, so I thought I was OK. In order to recover the data, I needed the catalogs. My first attempt was to rebuild the catalog file for the saved catalogs. That failed, So I tried to recover the drive data itself. That failed. In both cases, I need to recreate the catalog files, and when I launch the Repair Catalog tool, and then point it to the disk that contains all the backup set files, only 8 of the 11 backups show up ready to rebuild. The error I get is: "The selected disk does not contains any Backup Set data files, please select another disk." Why does it say this. It does indeed contain data files. The program just ignores them. When I open the location of the Disk Backup Set, I see files there. I see LOTS of files there for the three I need. But Retrospect says there is no backup set there. I have backup data, i just do not have a catalog now. Is there some way I can get at the data? Is there something I am missing here that prevents the three critical items from opening? (Of course, it is the three items I need the most. That always figures.) Any idea anyone? Thanks in advance.
  4. orubin

    Retrospect Won't Recognize The Backup Set

    I too am having this problem. I had a disk crash, and of course, it was the one with all the backup catalogs. Since I make a backup of the catalogs, I thought I could just restore them, first recreating the destroyed catalog. However, when I point the recreate tool at the drive with all the backup sets, it does not recognize some of them as being backup sets, and will not recreate the catalog. How come? I see the back up folder on the disk, it contains about 1.9 GB of data in the form of rdb files, but Retrospect says there is no data here. Can anyone help please? Thanks. ( I just noticed that the last question was asked May 2011 with no answer. Seriously, no one from Retrospect has an answer here? It should not just be put to other users. Or are we just all on our own here Roxio? This may be just the reason I need to retire Retrospect in the many companies I care for and switch to something else. ON this machine, of the 9 or so different backups run daily here, only 5 show up as having catalog data. Seriously, this software is this buggy this late in the game?)
  5. OK, it failed again. Went back and looked, and sure enough the password setting was wrong again. Changed them again. See if they stick this time.
  6. Thanks. I had tried that and it showed OK. Still got the error. So, I tried the idea of forgetting the backup set. Then did MORE.., then opened the Backup set again. It then asked for the password again, which I entered, and it was set back. BUT, after doing this, each backup set forgot it's destination, and all its schedules. However, when I reselected the destination, the schedule came back, and all but one script ran fine. The one failure said: VssWBuildSnapshotSet: StartSnapshotSet failed, winerr -2147212522, error -3042 Can't use Open File Backup option for SATA_400 (F:), error -3042 ( there is already a Snapshot set in progress) Well, 10 problem solved, one to go. I will reboot the server and hope that solves this problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. On a client's system (Multi Server on Windows)which was working fine, after the latest update to 7.7.325 (64-bit)(Check updates shows all up to date) we now see the error: Can't access backup Set 'name', error -703 (need a user-entered password, but can't ask) and scripts fail. Yes, they have passwords, but this has always worked fine in previous versions. Suggestions on how to recover from this? I would hate to have to re-create all their scripts again, they have a lot. I am guessing the update killed the saved passwords somehow? I saw an old post (2003) about forgetting the script in the Backup Set window, and then opening it again with Open More, but want to know what side effects, if any, this will cause? Will I loose saved data to date if I do this? Thanks in advance -Owen-
  8. One more thing I discovered doing the re-catalog: Even though I "replaced" the existing catalog with a re-catalog of the same name, Retrospect removes the destination set pointer from any scripts that used that catalog. So my scripts started failing with no target specified, but that was easy to repair.
  9. They are all "Disk" backup sets. FYI: re-catalog, forgetting the original catalog and replacing it with the new one pointed at the new backup set folde rhas worked successfully, and now the snapshots and contents show correctly again, pointing to the proper drive. I still have several sets to go, but will run those this evening, so I should be done by tomorrow. Just want to know for future reference. Thanks, -Owen-
  10. Two additional question: 1). Did you name the new drive the same as the old? In my case, one drive is replacing two, so this is not possible. 2). What exactly does that "Dantz" file that is created but has size 0 do in each Retrospect folder? Obviously, again, merging into one file, I cannot copy both files to the one folder. But it seems to be completely empty and have no contents. Is the lack of this file the problem?
  11. Ok, I did the following: 1). Stop all scripts and let then ones running finish. Quit Retrospect. 2). Plug in new 1.5TB USB drive 3). Copy Retrospect folders from two old USB drives into one folder called Retrospect on new drive. 4). "Eject" and unplug two old drives. 5). Relaunch Retrospect Here, I tried two things. First try: 1). Went to Configure -> Backup Sets 2). Selected one of the moved sets, and said properties 3). Went to MEMBERS, and clicked on the existing member, and said Properties again. 4). Where it says "Location for backup data folder" I clicked BROWSE, and TRIED to select the new location. This did not work. Second Try: 1). Launched a script 2). It fails, asking for the data set member. 3). Press choices 4). Click browse to find data set 5). Browse to new location. This also did not work, as the new location was not selectable as a target. OK, those to methods failed. I have succeeded in getting a few to work by using Tools -> Repair Catalog and rebuilding and replacing the catalog, but because these are 100's of GBs each, it is taking all night to rebuild one of them. What did you do? Thanks, -Owen-
  12. Well, I may have found my own answer, but still wonder if something else would work. I decided to simply Recreate catalog from disk and replace the old catalog with the newly created one. Since the backup set is intact (hopefully) everything should be fine after a rather long rebuild session. Was this the right way to do this?
  13. (my apologies if in the wrong place or already covered. I did a search, but did not find an answer.) I have Retrospect 7.0.249 Multiserver running under Windows XP. I want to replace two 500 GB USB drives currently in use as Retrospect backup sets with one 1.5 TB USB drive, to store the many backup sets for many different backups now on two drives. (Catalogs are saved on C drive.) I thought ( I was hoping) I could just copy all the existing backup set folders to the new drive, remove the old drives, and then use Tools to point to the new location of the backup files. I tried running verify media after I did this, and as expected, Retrospect immediately asks for the first backup set member. I say Find, and use BROWSE, go to the place where I copied the backup sets to (inside a folder called RETROSPECT at the root, just like the old drive) and browse does not show ANY backup set as being selectable, and in fact, do not show at all. So I was wrong, this does not work. Or I have no idea how to make it work properly. All the data is there, just in a different location and Retrospect seems very unhappy about that. So, is there a simple way I can do this, or am I just screwed and have to set each backup to run new again and start over (I do not want to do that as I would like to not loose the history on the old drives, which I would like to redeploy elsewhere.) So, can someone explain to me how I might accomplish this? I am obviously missing something. Thanks in advance. Owen Rubin :confused2: