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  1. Hello again! Unfortunately, this thread was never answered again and I would have liked to get this solved, so I will try to bring this thread to front again ... Some days ago (new Retrospect version, new luck ...?!) I tried to do the same backup again from scratch: New backup set created with Retrospect 8.2 using brand new tapes, backing up the same data (which of course grew a bit in the meantime ...). The used hardware is the same described in my earlier post (HP DAT 160 USB, which is directly connected to the 10.6.4 Server and which is certified to run with Retrospect). During verification of two tapes (of nine in total) about 120 "Media set format inconsistency" errors were logged. In both cases, before the "Media set format incosistencies" are logged, there is a "Generated MD5 digest for file "..." does not match stored MD5 digest" logged. And at the end of the verification of that respective tape, in both cases I've got an additional "Device trouble: "...", error -212 (media erased)" error. Which actually does not make me feel calm ... So what I would really like to know: What exactly do the masses of errors and the very "alarming" resumee "media erased" in the backup log in consequence mean? Are only two files not backed up correctly, but all other files could be recovered without problems? Is the rest of the backup on the two tapes affected only? Or do I risk all the data on the backup to be unrecoverable when I continue to use this backup set??? I am sorry to bother, but this backup should be an insurance and the error messages really do not make it easy to trust in it! Thanks again, Ron. PS: Updated hardware info: - Mac mini Server (2x 500 GByte mirrored HDD) with system, Retro Engine and catalog stored on them. Running MOSX Server 10.6.4 - attached is a Drobo Pro with current firmware 1.1.5 via FireWire 800 (6x 2 TByte HDDs); Here are some favorite folders (marked with tags) which we want to back up. - attached is an external HP DAT 160 USB (HP article Q1580A) which is certified to work with Retrospect under Mac OS X PPS: And an excerpt of the log (the other file looks similar; the file name is removed, but both files were not touched during the backup!):
  2. Hi! We are a reseller and have a customer request for a LTO or DLT tape drive to be used on a Mac mini server running Retro 8.2. As I have learned, there are no LTO drives on the market which provide USB or FireWire. So I found one (!) DLT tape drive (Freecom DLT-V4i) with SATA/USB2 host connection. This drive is actually based on Quantum hardware (DLT-V4 with SATA) which I also did not find in the drive compatibility database ... Is anyone able to tell me whether this drive would work with Retrospect 8.2 when connected via USB? Or does anyone have a suitable solution for this issue? — We are currently using HP DAT 160 drives with USB host connection and they are working very well, but our customer says he doesn't like DAT ... ;-) Thank you in advance for your feedback! Cheers, Ron.
  3. :-) Thank you for your quick response! — Yes, it appears to work. For some reason I've tried the launchctl start/stop commands instead of ... load/unload as you suggested. When I used the start and stop subcommands, I received an error that there was "no such process" ... But anyway, with load and unload it works fine! Thanks again! Cheers, Ron.
  4. Hi all! Did anybody find -- or is there -- a working and reliable way to stop and restart the Retrospect Engine via command line? To make sure that all newly attached tape drives are recognized by the engine at a certain time we simply would like to stop the engine once weekly when there are no backup processes running. And then restart it after a few seconds to achieve a rescan of the available devices. The computer the engine is running on is a server which needs to be up all the time. We are using Retro 8 Multi Server (Engine 8.1.626.1) on a Mac OS X Server 10.6.2 machine. I would like to setup a launchd plist which simply runs a shell script to perform the Retrospect Engine restart at a certain time every week. Of course I've found several ways to kill and relaunch the engine, but it would be helpful to know the commands issued when you hit the "Start/Stop Engine" button in Retrospect's system preferences. Thank you in advance and happy Easter, Ron.
  5. Hi Dave! Here you go: - Mac mini Server (2x 500 GByte mirrored HDD) with system, Retro Engine and catalog stored on them. Running MOSX Server 10.6.2 - attached is a Drobo Pro with current firmware 1.1.5 via FireWire 800 (6x 1 TByte HDD to be precise); Here are some favorite folders (marked with tags) which we want to back up. - attached is an external HP DAT 160 USB (HP article Q1580A) on which we made the initial backup - also attached is an external HP DAT 72 USB (HP item DW027A) which is switched off so it cannot interfere We also tested with another Q1580A. We do use new and original HP DAT 160 tapes. The backup I mentioned yesterday ended now stating (beginning with the last entry quoted): I will now try to save the remaining 8.7 GBytes with the next run. Attached, you will also find two screenshots of the basic Media Set parameters. Cheers, Ron.
  6. Hi again! I have an initial backup (with more than 400 Gigs of data) which I try to get on DAT 160 tapes. The backup first runs fine, but after some tapes are written, I get these errors in the log during tape verification: ... and so on (there are some hundreds of similar lines following ...). After these bunches of errors I finally get this: The named object („Generated MD5 digest for file ...“) in this case is a folder with four files in it, all of them read fine when opened from the source. So what do these errors mean? Which files are affected? Is it recoverable? We are using Retro 8 Multi Server (Engine 8.1.626.1) on a Mac OS X Server 10.6.2 machine. The source backed up is attached locally via FW800, the tape drives are connected locally via USB. No Retro clients, nothing special. This error is reproducable since we tried to save this large initial backup several times now (more than 10 times changing tapes and even drives!). So it does not seem to be hardware related. The error comes randomly, so it won't occur when verifying the same files or on the same tape. Sometimes it comes when verifying tape 2, now we nearly made it through to tape 5 (only 15 Gigs left ...). Ah, what we're using is AES-128 encryption on the Media Set. But not encrypting our data is no option. Normally, the source data could be changed during backup, but this time we paid attention that no file is changed while the initial backup was running. Can anybody help, please?! Best regards, Ron.
  7. Hi all! First: We are using German Retrospect 8.1 (626) on an Intel Mac (both server and client) under 10.6.2. In earlier Retrospect versions it was possible to only restore the newest file versions when retrieving them via file/folder search. With the current version I cannot find a similar option. When I use Restore > Search for Files in selected Media Sets, the results of a search (e.g. folder name is ...) include all versions of the files ever backed up. In most cases I just want the latest versions to be restored. How can I achieve this automatically??? Additionally, in the German localization of the file/folder search there appear to be some glitches. For example, I cannot search for special characters in file/folder names (German umlauts or other special chars). When I search for a folder containing "Geschäftsjahr", Retrospect won't find anything; using "ftsjahr" instead, Retrospect finds "Geschäftsjahr 2010" or others ... Thank you in advance! Cheers, Ron.
  8. Attached you find the assert_log.utx of my first installation. I use encryption, yes. But does it have this effect? The CPU load is at about 25 to 30 percent. The network should be able to make 2000 MB/minute, mathematically of course ... And the files I am backing up are 20-30 MBytes big (it's mainly hires images, .dmgs and .zip archives). Cheers, Ron.
  9. Hi Robin! My Retro8 version is 8.0 608.1. After the current backup completed, I will install your 609 release. From the first installation which went down the drains I copied the Assert_log.utx file. How should I send it to you? btw, to stop the Engine under 10.4, I use Lingon (1.2.1 for 10.4), which is a bit easier to use. Additionally, you can easily change the nice value ... For all of us who don't feel safe in the Terminal :-) Can you tell me anything concerning the performance issues? Thanks, Ron.
  10. Hi! First of all, my configuration: Multi Server Engine @ Mac mini Core 2 Duo with Mac OS X Server 10.4.11 Clients on different kinds of Macs (Mac OS X Server 10.5.6, Mac OS X Client 10.5.6, ...) Console @ MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.5.6 As I hoped to finally be able again to run the well and reliantly working Retrospect backup software on a current system again (since I was forced to use Retro6 on an old 10.4 backup G4) I also wanted to replace the TimeMachine backups now. The problems arising with proactive backups seem to be discussed often enough in this forum. I just want to add me having the described problems also: After defining the first (or second) proactive backup script, the engine starts to hang, disconnects and finally dies; finally I had to reinstall and completely configure anything from scratch -- three times now. This also happens if proactive backups are paused before -- I really tried this often! Another thing that really bothers me is the network performance when backing up Retrospect Clients: Backing up a 180 GByte folder (with mainly big files) from the 10.5.6 server (using the Retro client over gigabit ethernet) to an USB2 hard drive locally attached to the backup computer now runs for 22 hous and will certainly go on for three hours more ... Performance is displayed with 135 MB/minute. Is this really all I can be expecting from Retrospect 8??? The network performance of the server I am backing up is actually much much higher and TimeMachine was also very much faster even when working over the network. Backups performed locally (disk to disk) appear to be a bit faster (250 MB/minute) but this is also not what I've been expecting. Another feature request I have -- besides from seeing what tags really "contain" -- would be the option to test a rule on a folder or client as it was possible in Retrospect 6. Also it would be fine if the rules GUI would be ... working like it is supposed to be. Cheers, Ron.