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    path too long (error 1128)

    hi mayoff, thanks for the information. im currently trying to install the update. i've to say its not to easy. the integrated update function does'nt work, as it apparently can't shutdown the process. and for some reason the integrated download function got apparently a connection problem sometimes and just 'cancels' without any notification. quite annoying. still im currently downloading the update with a download manager. in any case - will the path problem be solved somewhat soon? if i understand the changelog correctly, the changes made, are only in the processing of the error, not preventing it. i've to say, that i'd rather like to have my files completly backed up, instead of knowing, that some files could'nt be backed up as the software lacks the ability to process the path's correctly. once again, thanks for your help - with best regards, gordon
  2. GordonHo

    path too long (error 1128)

    hi, i tried using retrospect express (and hd) both in the current version. both randomly crash, and on retrospect express hd (2.5) im getting the same error as my precessor. 1128 - path to long. only difference, this happens when i try to create the backup -> copying from hd to backup. im using vista 64bit. is there any solution avaible? it's quite annoying, as i'd like to backup my harddrive. cheers, gordon