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    Problems backing up Mac client

    Additionally, when I log into the client (as an admin user) and open the pref pane, I see this:
  2. I have Retro 10.0.1 running on the "main" Mac. I have a corresponding client installed on another Mac. I can't seem to reliably backup the client. I keep getting "error -530 ( backup client not found)", even though the client is alive and running and I can "ping" it as well as view it remotely with Apple's Remote Desktop. Client is running 10.0l.0 (174). Client is also on Mac OS X 10.7.5, server is 10.8.2. Is there a documented way to either remove or reset the client password? (I couldn't find it). I have tried re-installing the client a couple of times. I had all sorts of issues the first time I installed as I was logged on as a limited user (under parental controls) and things were never quite right. So, I followed the directions for a complete uninstall, then I reinstalled. This time logged on as a admin user. Now even when I run the scripts manually, nothing.
  3. Even when I turn off the Retrospect engine from the prefpane, I am seeing RetroISA with over 150% CPU utilization. See attached screen shot.