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    Error -519

    I am recieving this error for all clients suddenly in my proactive backup script. I know this is not true because I can ping these clients from the server. The only thing that has been changed recently when I added an exclusion rule to leave out files that do not have the drive letter c: Also the clients do not hibernate/stand-by and are on during this time. Anyone see this before??? Thanks in advance. Paul
  2. pmj135

    File Exclusion Condition

    I created an exclusion rule for a proactive script where if the windows drive letter is not C it will exclude them. For some reason I am still getting messages in the event log that the script is trying to access flash drives, restore partitions, etc. Does anything need to be restarted to apply a new condition? Is it doing what I think it's doing? Thanks in advance. Paul
  3. pmj135

    Retrospect.exe Launches Monitor?

    this seems somewhat related, but I found that if I was connected to the server running retrospect through remote desktops there wasn't a way for me to start retrospect (only the monitor would come up). I had to connect via dameware to work with the session that was running the program.
  4. I was looking for a way to deploy this setting across a network. I spent awhile looking for a registry key or a config file where this setting is stored, but couldn't find it. Does anyone know where this info is saved? Thanks in advance. Paul