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  1. Dear Sir, Thanks for quick response. Can you please let me know what are the bugs presently in 7.7.208 version because i have not used it till now. Also i am facing lots of problems like application gets crashed giving an assertion error. Thanks and Regards, Randeep Singh
  2. Hello All, we aer using Retrospect 7.6.123 on Windows server with add ons : Open File backup Exchange Backup User initiated Restore. We need to upgrade it to 7.7.208 version keeping intact the same settings i.e. scripts and schedules as we were using in 7.6.123. What all we have to do in oder to ensure that. Also can we use the same add ons code in 7.7.208 as we were using in 7.6.123 version and do we only need to get the new application code using existing application license code? Thanks and Regards, Randeep Singh
  3. randeep

    Retrospect 7.7.208 released

    Thanks for the urgent response. Thanks and Regards, Randeep Singh
  4. randeep

    Retrospect 7.7.208 released

    Dear Sir, Greetings! I have one query regarding upgrading Retrospect from 7.6.123 version to 7.7.208 version. I just want to know whether this upgrade requires any license to be added or we can use the existing license for that. We are currently using Retrospect 7.6.123 Multi server edition on a Windows server. Thanks and Regards, Randeep Singh
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    Hello All, We have used Retrospect 7.6.123 on Windows 2003 server with LTO 4 tape drive, some of the tapes were marked WORM after writing 400 GB of data. I just want to know whether it will be possible to reuse these tapes. Is there some mechanism through which we can erase these tapes? Also one more query is that, we have taken backup to tape through Retrospect backup computer on windows. Can we erase these tapes through Retrospect backup computer on mac?
  6. randeep

    error 1107 during restore

    Can you, on the Mac, in Finder, copy a file from the internal hard drive to the external? Yes we can copy files. Second, try restoring a few files to the Mac client's internal hard drive, see if that works. We tried restoring but that did not worked there by giving same error. Finally mac drive is mac formatted.
  7. we are using diferent backup sets to diferent tapes due to which sometimes we are left with free space on some tapes. Can we make multiple backup sets to go to a single tape? Thanks and regards, Randeep Singh
  8. Hi Robin, What all i have to do in such case i.e. can you tell me the steps that i should follow to make Retrospect mac 8 read backup sets of Retrospect 8.
  9. randeep

    error 1107 during restore

    Hello Russ, hope you are doing well! i will check out how the external hard drive is formatted.In the meanwhile, i am showing the error coming below: File "AAP_38 HD 1TB Main :090315_Hardoi:090315_Hardoi_C7:cam10173_01.mov": can't write, error -1017 (insufficient permissions) Retrospect client version is 6.2.234 and we are restoring the backed up data to external mac drive( same drive whose backup has been taken) mounted on mac machine.
  10. Hello All, We have 1 mac external drive which is connected to a mac machine. We made this mac machine as client and taken this drive backup through Retrospect which is installed on a Windows machine i.e. windows machine is the backup computer. Backup is around 650 GB. Now we tried to do restore of 2-4 files, but while restoring we faced an error i.e. file: can't write -1017 (insufficent permissions). What can be the reason. we are using Retrospect 7.6.123 with latest drivers and hotfixes. Server is Windows 2003 SP2 amd mac machine OS is 10.5.6.
  11. We have the below scenario: Backup Computer : Windows Client or source Computer : MAC Destination : Tape Drive I just want to know if we want to shift on MAC server in future i.e. make mac machine the backup computer, and restore the files whose backup we have taken through Windows machine, will we be able to restore the files? If yes what arrangement we have to do in that case? Thanks and Regards, Randeep Singh
  12. We are using Retrospect 7.6.123 at one of our Customer site. Environment is Windows 2003, Tandberg lto 4 hh drive. We are taking backup of a Mac drive containing data about 700 GB to tape by attaching it to windows machine. We have software Mac drive 8 installed for detecting and accessing mac drive on windows machine. But when we run backup, backup starts and after taking some backup near about 20 GB an error comes, can’t read, file/directory not found (error 1101). We have tried this for about 3-4 mac drives but still same problem comes. I know this error means that file / directory is not found but files and directory are still accessible and are not changing, nothing is going on them during backup, it is being used for backup only. Please help us in resolving the issue as it is an urgent issue.
  13. Hello All, We are using Power Mac G5 machine with machine id 7,3, processor name is Power PC G5 (3.0), processor speed is 2 GHz. Can somebody provide me list of scsi cards supported by this model and place from where i can buy scsi card in my region i.e. india, but my first preference will be to know about the cards compatible with this model> will be thankfull for any help thanks and regards, Randeep Singh
  14. Is there a way in Retrospect to take incremantal backup of pst files. by incremantal backup i mean can Retrospect take delta block level backup i.e. if a file has abcd written and if only e gets added and file becomes abcde, can retrospect take only the change i.e. e backup. It will be a nice software if it can do so because pst files are too much and user can face hell a lot problem while taking backup of pst files as a single mail can change pst file. Thanks and Regards, Randeep Singh
  15. We need a temporay license key for retrospect express hd. Can anybody provide that its very urgent.