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  1. I am running Retrospect Professional 7.6.123 on WinXP Pro. I am trying to backup 3 PCs to a Netgear ReadyNas NV+. When I configure the Backup Set as Disk for volume \\ceunas\backup, the total space reported is 7.9 G. When I configure the Backup Set as File and use V:\, which is mapped to \\ceunas\backup, the total space is 684 G. I did check other volumes (i.e. \\ceunas\forms) and had the same result. Besides curiosity, I wouldn't normally care except that the File backup through the mapped drive seems slower than the Disk backup with UNC access. Why? [color:red]UPDATE: If I specify the IP address in the UNC the space reports correctly. (i.e. \\\backup)[/color]