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    path too long (error 1128)

    I have been encountering this error on my retrsopect HD recently when attemtpting to restore a file or a directory of files. After reviewing the forums and knowledge base, it appears this is a known bug for some time on Restrospect HD, and has (apparantly?) been correct for full Retrospect users late 2008. If I read correctly, the bug fix skips over the files with the error, but does not actually restore those files (please correct me on this if Im wrong) for the full retrospect software. Has this bug been corrected for HD users? If so does version 2.5 specfically fix this bug? What exactly is the bug fix? I tried to find release notes for 2.5 and was unable to do so. I would agree with SurprisedUser that given the many years this has been around, if a fix is not available that it seriously undermines the value, integrity and usefulness of the product to users and hardware manufacturers that continue to distribute HD bundled with drives. Please advise if version 2.5 will fix this particular bug or not. Also, if there are release notes indicating what 2.5 fixes/ updates are included, I would appreciate a copy. PS I am running windows XP with latest service packs / updates. Error only encountered on restore.