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    Backup NTFS permissions

    Hi there, first you need to make sure you are backing up the NTFS security information this option is in "manage scripts" and then go to options and make sure the relevant box's are ticked. The when you do a restore make sure under options --> system, the restore security information box is ticked i had the same problem know works fine. Hope this helps any questions let me know.
  2. Arfan

    NTFS folder permissions

    Hello again, i have found out why it wasnt restoring the security information after reading through the manual. When you restore a file/folder you need to go into restore options and in there under system you will get a option to restore security information. I have tested and it works fine. Hope this helps
  3. Arfan

    NTFS folder permissions

    HI, i have the same problem. I have setup everything as it should be and it working fine apart from not saving the NTFS folder permissions when i restore the file from backup (tape or disk) etc Did you find a resolution?
  4. Hi guys hope somebody can help. We are currently running Retrospect 7.6 with a HP U1840 Tape drive. Our current scripts do a disk --> disk backup which works without any issues but for some reason at any point the disk --> tape backup at different points will error with " From Retrospect: Script "DT-Tuesday" failed during automatic execution, error -100 (device rejected command). I have done the following to try and resolve the issue: Flashed tape drive with latest firmware Updates retrospect with the latest version Tryed different preferences within the retrospect program Tryed different tapes [color:red][/color] On some occasions it does complete the backup but most cases it will fail. I have run out of ideas. Thanks guys