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  1. Retrospect needs to add better error responses to their repertoire, just for idiots like myself. Something along the lines of... "You have the wrong disk inserted dummy-head!" I admit it now that i see the err of my ways, I grabbed "5 G5 Archive 9.26.07" instead of the correct "5 G5 Archive 9.22.07" disk. I am an idiot. Sorry. Thanks for the reply "rhwalker", along with my apologies. Signed, Embarrassed beyond blushing. :confused2:
  2. I just wasted 3 DVD's and 2 CD's configuring an external Firewire CDR and the internal DVD-R in my Dual 2.3 G5 (PPC NOT Intel) running OS X 10.4.11 I then proceeded to restore some archives burned onto CD's and DVD's previously burned on the SAME DEVICES. Instead of getting a "PROCEED" button to get the retrieval process going, I get "WRITE PROTECTED" in the inside window beside the drive info, and a CANCEL and CHOICES button, no PROCEED. I updated to R'spect 6.1.230 as well as the Driver Update. Still, I cannot retrieve my archives. HELLLLP!!!