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  1. Again, no human set this password. The password option was set to "no password", and then it became "No password for scripts" through some fault in the operations of the computer. I am aware that your employer does not offer any means to defeat the encryption. There appears to be an error in Retrospect, which is a subject you have not addressed. I need you to address that subject, and the possibility of the error happening again, before I will again recommend using this software. Has this type of problem been reported before? How frequently and in which versions? Have fixes been issued? How & where is that password flag stored?
  2. Since no human set this password, what you are telling me is that the backups taken with Retrospect just periodically disappear and are no longer available? Why would I want to "start over" just to have them become unavailable again?
  3. [color:black][color:black]Yes, I agree that is the current status, but that was not the case originally. Somehow a plist (or what ever way Retrospect uses to store that fact) has become corrupt. The value has changed from "no password" to "no password for scripts" apparently without human intervention. How it this error corrected?[/color][/color]
  4. I get the password prompt when trying to open the catalog to restore a file. I also get it when trying to look at the password option set. Scripted backups to the backup set work just fine, as they always have. The other set of disks, with its own backup set, doesn't have this problem. Both were created the same day, same parameters. Restores have been done on at least two occasions in the past, but I don't have notes of which backup set they came from. It could have been either, or both. Restores were tested when the scripts were first set up.
  5. This is something new, not a password that was set back at initial setup. Only one person has the password for the admin account (or any other account) on this system. Restore was tested several month ago and worked then. This is a failure of Retrospect.
  6. Retrospect Small Biz running on Win XP. Installation is about 8 months old. Disk-to-disk, with two sets of disks rotating. When attempting a restore from one set, Retrospect asks for a Backup Set password, but one was never specified! Disk set B is fully accessible, but when using disk set A, or trying to look at the catalog for A, it asks for a password, which it never had required before. Any explanation? I need to recover a deleted file.