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  1. szinn

    Reset Server Password

    I haven't e-mailed tech support. However, I looked in the login keychain of the server that is running Retrospect server, and found an entry for: I checked the box to reveal the password, entered my mac admin password, and vioalla. Was able to see the password there.
  2. szinn

    Reset Server Password

    I'm still searching for a way to reset the retrospect server password.
  3. szinn

    send emails on errors only

    Doh! I looked in the preferences again, and it appears I overlooked those checkboxes. Selective seeing. I had the send e-mail for successful events ticked. Blessings and appreciation for pointing out the obvious to me.
  4. Anyone know of a way to configure retrospect to send emails on errors only?
  5. I tried adding this client again and it is working now. Very odd. Not sure of any of the steps I did helped resolve the issue.
  6. I have about 6 Windows computers that are being backed up by Retrospect on a Mac server. However, one Windows 2003 computer is giving me problems. I can test the IP and the test succeeds. However, when I try to add the client by IP address, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to add. When I have gotten it to add, I cannot brows the client to choose favorites. I've noticed this computer will stall if I attempt to copy a file from a Mac Server SMB share. Windows explorer becomes unresponsive. Here is what I have tried to resolve the problem: -reboot, several times -uninstall the retrospect client, reboot, install -defragment hard drive -ensure firewall is off -cleared DNS cache I'm at a loss to what may be causing problems on this computer. It may not be a Retrospect issue. However, I can copy files on the internal C drive just fine.
  7. Excellent! Thank you for the assistance. I'm running 7.7 and having great results.
  8. On the software update page, in the mac section, the windows client listed is 7.6, however the windows section has 7.7. Should I be using the newest windows version? Or the one listed in the Mac download section.
  9. szinn

    Backing up SQL database

    I'm currently running the SQL backup maintenance scripts. That will backup the SQL databases to the hard drive, then use retrospect to back those files up. The only problem with this system is the backups are a day old. But a day old is better than no backup. Thank you for the help.
  10. I have an SQL DB to back up from a Windows 2003 server. I'm running Retrospect on a Mac Server. I've looked around for instructions on setting up the SQL DB backup, found some documentation, but haven't had any luck yet. Would appreciate any links to documentation & confirmation that this is possible.
  11. Is there a way to reset the server password?
  12. I've been running 8.2 for a while and the speed is incredibly fast! Around 150 MB/s! I usually get around 35 MB/s on a FW800 drive. This shows me the speed of 64 bit and fiber. Thank you for the update.
  13. Have some windows server folders/files I need to backup that are always in an open state. Can Retrospect handle these types of backups without corrupting the file?
  14. I just noticed that Retrospect is reporting MB per minute not second. 161 MB/m is equal to 2.6 MB/s equal to 21 Mb/s. So what Retrospect is reporting and what my network monitor is reporting matches. This seems to be an Activity Thread allocation issue... if only one thread is running, then all bandwidth should be allocated to that one thread... or all 8 threads used for that one backup job.